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Citing Bibliographic Sources: Chicago: Home

A Popular Style Manual in the Humanities


The purpose of the guide is to familiarize you with The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition. Chicago prefers two basic citation systems: notes/bibliography and author-date. Please note that all footnotes are preceded by a number, in order of their appearance in a report or paper.  These numbers immediately precede the author's name and are often raised a half space above the remainder of the line.  The first line of a footnote entry is indented, and subsequent lines are left justified.  Many word processing programs include a function that will do both of these steps for you.


The bibliography appears in alphabetical order, using the last names of the authors.  Bibliographic citations are not numbered.  The first line of a bibliography is left justified, with subsequent lines indented. 


The style of parenthetical author-date and reference lists recommended in The Chicago Manual of Style is discussed in the 16th ed, pp. 785-810.