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MUS 242/441: Music Industry Career Prep & Current Issues: Corporate Research: Profiles

Where to Start?


This page lists some general starting places for public company background information.

For private company information, you will probably have to rely more on articles.

Company Basics

For Company Background Information

  • Company Dossier from Nexis Uni - Find company info by specific name or by using search criteria.
    • Open the menu (very upper left of the screen) to find Company Dossier
    • Search for a company (the default screen) or a group of companies that fit your criteria (create a company list)
    • Once you get a company "snapshot," note the many options in the left column, each offering a specific kind of information for that company
    • For example, 10-K and other reports that have been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission are under SEC filings in the left column

  • MarketLine Company Profiles Authority - Go to Business Source Elite and choose the "Company Profiles" tab from the blue bar across the top of the screen. These profiles of individual companies include sections such as key facts, history, revenue analysis, SWOT analysis, and more.

  • Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage - Lots of data and analysis! Use the search box at the top or choose the Companies option in the blue bar for more options.

  • ValueLine Investment Survey - Current financial info and an investment analyst's report. Choose "Browse Research" from the initial screen.
        Use the search box just above the "Saved Screens" box:           ValueLine search box

  • Company websites often link to their annual reports or 10-Ks, for example, San Francisco Symphony or Dolby Laboratories.