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Finding Place Name Information: U.S. States

This guide contains links to online gazetteers and atlases that can be used to find information on the places and their location. It contains links to resources on the United States, individual states, countries and the World.

State Place Name Resources

Colorado Place Names - Index of place names organized by county and alphabetically. Provided by Denver Public Library Western History & Genealogy Collection.

Connecticut Cities and Towns - A web site with information on cities and towns in Connecticut with date of incorporation and establishment.

Delaware (Hundreds in Delaware) - Hundreds are county subdivisions in Delaware that are similar to townships. The University of Delaware Library web site on the Hundreds of Delaware provides information and links to resources on places in Delaware.

Florida Keys - Florida International University and Monroe County (FL) Public Library have developed a list of names for the Florida Keys.

Georgia Place Names - A web site with over 10,000 Georgia place names with links to historic maps showing their location.

Hawaiian Place Names - a listing of place names in Hawaii based on A Catalog of Hawaiian Place Names by Lloyd J. Soehren.

Kansas - The Kansas State Historical Society is documenting little known and extinct towns. This site also has links to other resources, such as Everts' atlas.

Kentucky Atlas & Gazetteer - This site can be used to view maps and search for place names in Kentucky.

Maryland - a list of Maryland cities and counties with their latitude and longitude.

Minnesota Place Names - an online encyclopedia of place name information for the state.

Montana - Montana State Library has developed the Montana Place Names Companion, which provides descriptive and location information on over 1100 place names in the state, including current and historical places.

New Jersey - Locality search from the State of New Jersey.

New York - A digital version of the 1995 New York State Gazetteer. The New York State Library also has a web site on Finding Places.

Tennessee - Tennessee Place Names and Post Offices: Introduction and Index from the Tennessee State Library & Archives.

Virginia Gazetteer - contains the names, feature type, and locations of over 50,000 geographic features in Virginia. Names in the Gazetteer are linked to an inventory of collections archived at the Geostat Center in the University of Virginia Library, so that users can locate materials in the Geostat Center collection related to a particular location.

Vermont - A Gazetteer of Vermont Places: Real and Imagined from the Center for Rural Studies at the University of Vermont.

Washington (State) Place Names Index - The content of this searchable index is the product of over 25 years of research by Gary Fuller Reese, managing librarian of the Tacoma Public Library's Northwest Room. It provides information on the place names and their origin and their county location.

Wisconsin - The Dictionary of Wisconsin History provides information on places in Wisconsin.

West Virginia - An alphabetical list of places in West Virginia from the West Virginia Archives.

Wyoming Places - A wiki developed by the Wyoming State Library and University of Wyoming Libraries that deals with Wyoming place names and how those places were named.