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Finding Place Name Information: Countries

This guide contains links to online gazetteers and atlases that can be used to find information on the places and their location. It contains links to resources on the United States, individual states, countries and the World.

Country Place Name Resources


Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica - An gazetteer for Antarctica that has been compiled with data from over 20 countries provided by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).

Antarctic Geographic Place Names - Antarctic Place Names approved by the US Board on Geographic Names. 

Australian Antarctic Gazetteer - Place names list compiled from the Composite Gazetteer of Antarctica, the Australian Antarctic Gazetteer and other sources.

Antarctic Place Names Committee (UK) Gazetteer - Place names in the British Antarctic Territory.


Gazetteer of Australia - The Place Names search site site for the Gazetteer of Australia (2008) from Geoscience Australia.

Australian Maritime Gazetteer (MGA) - Place names that appear on Australian navigational charts.

Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) - Suburb and street names in Canberra, Australia's capital.

New South Wales Geographical Names Register - Information on over 80,000 place names in New South Wales.

Northern Territory Geographical Names - The place names register for Australia's Northern Territory from the Land Information System.

Queensland Place Names - The Digital Place Names Gazetteer from Queensland Mapping and Surveying.

South Australian State Gazetteer - A database of South Australian Place Names.

VicNames - A searchable database of over 200,000 road and place names in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Western Australia Geographical Names - From this site, users can browse lists of names for cities, towns, streets and rivers in Western Australia.


National Geografisch Institut Infoshop - a web site from the National Gografisch Institut of Belgium that can be used to search for place names and view digital maps showing the place of interest.


Banco de Nomes Geograficos do Brasil - a searchable database of place names in Brasil. When searching, set the Estado field should be to Todos and the Categoria field to Todas.


Canadian Geographical Name Search Service - The Canadian Geographical Names site, produced by Natural Resources Canada, is a searchable database providing information on over 350,000 place names in Canada.

British Columbia Geographical Names Information System - Place name database for British Columbia. Provides location information and links to topographic maps showing the place or feature. Also allows users to do "sounds like" searches.

Manitoba - Manitoba has a 1140 page bilingual glossary of place names available in PDF format. Users can also Register to access geospatial information.

Northwest Territories Place Names - Provides a Community Names list and Map of places in the Northwest Territories. The list provides latitude & longitude the name of the topographic map sheet showing the place or feature.

Quebec - Quebec place name search site from the Commission de toponymie du Québec (in French).

Yukon Gazetteer - An 80 page gazetteer of the Yukon which provides information on official and alternate names of places, translations, origin, latitude, longitude and the topographic map designation for the site.


Geographische Namen Deutschlands (GN-DE) - search system that can be used to find place names in Germany and view maps showing the location.

This site will be updated as time allows.