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MRI University Internet Reporter: Home

Data about consumers and the products and brands they use

Logging in

MRI University Internet Reporter provides consumer and audience data for products and industries, from Survey of the American Consumer.

  • Registration is required the first time you use MRI every semester, so once in, click on "Register." (Ask a Librarian for the registration code if you aren't seeing this in a class.) As you fill in the blanks, be sure to use your e-mail address. After you have registered, you only need your e-mail and password to login.
  • After logging in, click on University Reporter.
  • Select various options for the report as they are listed. Even when you get a report on the right, you will still have additional choices on the left side of the screen.
  • Above the report are some icons. One called "reporter options" lets you customize the report by adding or subtracting elements.
  • A full report is usually long! There is a "save" icon as well as an "export" icon which will let you put the report into excel, pdf, or .xml format.
  • See the next tab for an explanation of how to interpret the numbers on the report.

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