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Chuck Malone's Points to Ponder: Home

This guide is a compilation of anecdotes received from librarians in response to a missive by Chuck Malone posted to GOVDOC-L on June 4, 2002.

Chuck Malone's Points to Ponder (2002)

The recent passing of Chuck Malone has caused quite a bit of reflection in remembrance of my/our years working with him.  Librarians have recently offered their stories of working with and learning from Chuck Malone.  So far, no one has mentioned this GOVDOC-L thread he started one summer day in the delirium caused by a lack of air conditioning in the campus library.  Chuck was particularly proud of this thread, as he always liked to make people laugh and create feelings of camaraderie in the library community.  As you read through these posts, be prepared to re-experience those feelings. 

And, if you'd like to post more points to ponder, shoot me an email, and I'll gladly add your point/anecdote/comment, etc. to this compilation.  I can see no reason why it should only exist in its 20 year outdated form.  A lot has changed in the library world over the last 2 decades.  Let's update this thread!

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