Using American FactFinder: Selecting Data by Topic

This guide provides information on using American FactFinder to find, retrieve and map Census data. It includes information on the various types of data available through American FactFinder based on surveys done by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Selecting Data by Topic

American FactFinder's Advanced Search page contains a series of selection options on the left side of the page that can be used to narrow selection options. These links can be used to select the Topics, Datasets (which is under Topics) Geographies, Race & Ethnic Groups, Industry Codes or EEO Occupation Codes for which data is needed.

1. Link to American FactFinder.

2. It is possible to narrow a search by entering terms describing a topic, table name or number or a location. The Search Options on the left side of the page can also be used to narrow the selection. The Topics area of the Search Options area allows users to narrow the search to include data on:

People – allows users to specify the type of population data to be retrieved (basic population or specific topics, such as age, sex, race, education, employment, or income.

Housing – allows users to retrieve data related to housing.

Business and Industry – allows users to select the type of economic data to be retrieved.

Governments – allows users to obtain data from the Census of Governments.

Year – allows users to narrow to data reported for a specific year.

Product (Table) Type – allows users to narrow to a specific type of table, such as a data profile, quick table or geographic comparison table, among others.

Program – can be used to narrow data by the type of survey, including: American Community Survey, Survey of Manufactures, Business Expenses and Patterns, Commodity Flow, Decennial or Economic Census, Non-Employer (Self Owned Business) statistics, Population Estimates and Business Owners.

3. Choose the topic(s) of interest by clicking on Topics. Select the topic that best describes the data needed by clicking on the plus sign next to that topic. A list of subtopics will be shown.

a) Choices can be narrowed further by selecting themes within each sub-topic; for example, some of the themes in the sub-topic People include Basic Count/Estimate; Age & Sex; Age Group; Origins; Race & Ethnicity and Relationship.

b) Once the sub-topic and theme have been selected, a list of subjects in that sub-topic will be shown. Each term is followed by a number in parentheses, showing the number of tables in that subject area.

c) When a table has been selected, the word View at the top of the search results becomes active. Click View. The data table will be displayed.