Using American FactFinder: Viewing Data Tables

This guide provides information on using American FactFinder to find, retrieve and map Census data. It includes information on the various types of data available through American FactFinder based on surveys done by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Viewing Data Tables

1. Once the Dataset, Topic and Geography have been selected choose the table(s) that best describe the data need. When a table has been selected, the word View at the top of the search results becomes active. Click View. The data table will be displayed.

2. Several options are offered while viewing a table:

Modify Table - allows users to change the appearance of the table, collapse and expand data columns, rearrange columns and rows, sort data or filter the rows. It is also possible to transpose the rows and columns to show all data in a very long table that stretches over many pages. When the data is transposed, the data will be presented on a single page.

Add/Remove Geographies – allows users to add geographic areas to or remove geographic areas from the table display.

Bookmark / Save – a table can be bookmarked so that a user can return to it at a later date.

Download – data can be downloaded for use in statistical or Geographic Information System software.

Create a Map – the user can create a simple map from their data.