Using American FactFinder: Mapping Data

This guide provides information on using American FactFinder to find, retrieve and map Census data. It includes information on the various types of data available through American FactFinder based on surveys done by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Mapping Data with American FactFinder

1. Link to American Factfinder. In Advanced Search, choose the type of Geography that will be mapped. The geographic selection must consist of more than one feature: for example, Census tracts within Cook County, counties in Illinois or States within the United States.

2. Select the data Topics needed for the study. Once the appropriate selections have been made, click View.

3. When a data table appears, click on the words Create a Map. The system states: “Click on a data value in the table to map.” Note that the numbers in the table are now hyperlinked. Click in a cell with the data of interest to the study. The system will display the topics to be mapped. Check to see that the selection is appropriate and click the Show Map button. A map of the data will be displayed. The mapping system may not work for smaller Census subdivisions in densely populated areas (for example Census Blocks in Cook County).