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Finding Test and Survey Instruments @ WIU: Getting Started

How to locate educational and psychological tests and surveys to use for your research project.

Looking for Tests and Surveys

Many instruments such as tests, measurements, and survey questionnaires have been created in the fields of psychology, education, sociology, and consumer research.  This guide will help you identify tests and find evaluative information about them. Copies of tests are available through various channels: as complete kits from publishing companies, in journal articles, in book anthologies, and sometimes on-demand directly from the author. This guide will also assist you in trying to obtain a copy of the test, either from WIU Libraries or from another source, for use in your own research.

What do you need to do?

  • If you have a topic for which you need to find an appropriate measurement instrument, go to the Identify a Test to Use tab to search for a test on a certain topic.

  • If you already know of a test that you want, go to the Info About a Test tab to find evaluative information on that test, including reliability and validity, tips for administration, and reviews by professionals. 

  • If you want to find a copy of the test, click on the Find the Whole Test tab.

Here are some general guides to the use of research instruments:

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