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Geography: Reference Sources

This guide contains links to information sources related to all aspects of the geography for Western Illinois University students, faculty and staff. In order to assist with research related to geography, this guide will grow and change as needed.

Dictionaries & Glossaries


Encyclopedia of Earth Science Series

Encyclopedias can provide a useful starting point for writing papers. The following encyclopedias, published by Springer, relate to the Earth Sciences and Geography. Some volumes in the series are available electronically, while others are only available in Print.

Online Encyclopedias

Print Encyclopedias

Fairbridge, Rhodes W., ed., 1967. The Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences and Astrogeology. New York: Reinhold Pub. Corp. Malpass Library Stacks QC854 .F34

Oliver, John E. and Fairbridge, Rhodes W., ed., 1987. The Encyclopedia of Climatology. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. Malpass Library Reference QC854 .E525 1987

Alexander, David E. and Fairbridge, Rhodes W., eds., 1999. Encyclopedia of Environmental Science. Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer Academic. Malpass Library Reference GE10 .E52 1999

Baretta-Bekker, Hanneke J.G., Duursma, Egbert K., and Kuipers, Bouwe R., eds., 1998. Encyclopedia of Marine Sciences, 2nd ed., Berlin; New York: Springer. Malpass Library Reference GC9 .E56 1998

Fairbridge, Rhodes W., ed., 1966. The Encyclopedia of Oceanography. New York, Reinhold Pub. Co. Malpass Library Reference GC9 .F3