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Banned and Challenged Books: Authors B

Authors B

TitleAuthorMalpass Call #Curr Call #Other locSource
Devil's StorybookBabbitt, Natalie-808.3 B112ds-Doyle
Imp in the Basket, TheBabbitt, Natalie---Doyle
Tuck EverlastingBabbitt, Natalie-813 B112tuQCACLU
Leaving the Fold: Testimonials of Former FundamentalistsBabinski, Edward T.---Doyle
When the Sky Began to RoarBach, Alice---Doyle
Advancement of LearningBacon, FrancisB1155 1937--LS:Religious
Opus MajusBacon, RogerB765.B23 O2--LS:Religious
First French Kiss and Other TraumasBagdasarian, Adam-813 B144ff-UIUC
Sex, Puberty, and All That Stuff: A Guide to Growing UpBailey, Jacqui, and Jan McCafferty---Doyle
American Pageant: A History of the Republic, TheBailey, Thomas A., and David Kennedy---LS:Political
Who Is the Beast?Baker, Keith-028.5 B167wb bb-Doyle
Flamingo Rising, TheBaker, Larry---BCOB 10-11
Mary and Human LiberationBalasuriya, Tissa---LS:Religious
Morris Micklewhite & the Tangerine DressBaldacchino, Christine---BCOB 16-17
Another CountryBaldwin, JamesPS3552.A45 A5 1962--LS:Social
Blues for Mr. CharlieBaldwin, James---Doyle
Go Tell it on the MountainBaldwin, JamesPS3552.A45 G6--LS:Social
If Beale Street Could TalkBaldwin, JamesPS3552.A45 I36--Doyle
Tell Me How Long the Train's Been GoneBaldwin, James---Doyle
Humbug Potion: An A-B-CipherBalian, Lorna-028.5 B186hp-Doyle
Droll StoriesBalzac, Honore dePQ2164 .A4 1931--LS:Sexual
Indian in the CupboardBanks, Lynne Reid-823 B218icQCDoyle
Return of the IndianBanks, Lynne Reid--QCDoyle
Little Black SamboBannerman, Helen-028.5 B219li-LS:Social
Untouchable, TheBanville, John---Doyle
Toilet, TheBaraka, Imamu Amiri---Doyle
What Happened to Mr. Foster?Bargar, Gary W.---Doyle
Tapping the Vein, Book 2Barker, Clive---Doyle
Making of Dr. TrueloveBarnes, Derrick---Doyle
RyderBarnes, DjunaPS3503.A614 R9 1979--Doyle
Child of the Dark Prophecy (Great Tree of Avalon series)Barron, T. A.---Doyle
Witches, Pumpkins and Grinning GhostsBarth, Edna---Doyle
They Called Themselves the KKK: the Birth of an American Terrorist GroupBartoletti, Susan Campbell-322.4 B292tk-NCTE
Notebook Girls: Four Friends, One Diary, Real LifeBaskin, Julia, Lindsey Newman, Sophie Pollitt-Cohen, and Courtney Toombs---Doyle
Our American HeritageBass, Herbert J.---Doyle
Flowers of EvilBaudelaire, CharlesPQ2919.F6--LS:Sexual
SquashedBauer, Joan-813 B344sqQCUIUC
On My HonorBauer, Marion Dane-813 B344oQCDoyle
Am I Blue? Coming Out from the SilenceBauer, Marion Dane, ed.-808.83 B344ab-LS:Social
Wizard of OzBaum, L.F.PS3503.A923 W59 1983813 B347wo QCUIUC
Gentleman from Maryland: The Conscience of a Gay ConservativeBauman, Robert---Doyle
Granny the PagBawden, Nina-823 B354gp-UIUC
Historical and Critical DictionaryBayle, PierreCT95 .B333 1965--LS:Religious
Long Way GoneBeah, IshmaelDT516.828.B43 A3 2007--NCTE
Rise of American CivilizationBeard, CharlesE169.1 .B33 1933--Doyle
Venus and Tannhauser (Under the Hill)Beardsley, Aubrey---LS:Sexual
Barber of SevilleBeaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron dePQ1956.A63 E6 1998--Doyle
Marriage of FigaroBeaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron dePQ1956 .A6313 1964--Doyle
Hanging on to MaxBechard, Margaret---UIUC
If It Doesn't Kill YouBechard, Margaret---UIUC
Fun Home: a Family TragicomicBechdel, AlisonPN6727.B3757 Z46 2006--Doyle
Literature of the SupernaturalBeck, Robert E., ed.---Doyle
Gulf Between UsBedell, Geraldine---UIUC
Borstal BoyBehan, BrendanPR6003.E417 Z52 1958--Doyle
Literary Experience, TheBeiderwell, Bruce, and Jeffrey M. Wheeler, eds.---Doyle
Secret Spells and Curious CharmsBeisner, Monika---Doyle
Double TakeBelair, Richard LTR642 .W46 1981--Doyle
Homosexualites: A Study of Diversity among Men and WomenBell, Alan P. and Martin S. WeinbergHQ76.2.U5 B45--Doyle
Changing Bodies, Changing LivesBell, Ruth, et al.HQ35 .B44 1988--Doyle
Figure in the Shadows, TheBellairs, John---Doyle
Perez and MartinaBelpre, Pura---Doyle
JawsBenchley, PeterPS3552.E537 J3--LS:Social
City of ThievesBenioff, DavidPS3552.E54425 C58 2009--BCOB 15-16
Wicked Stepdog, TheBenjamin, Carol Lea---Doyle
Life in the Fat LaneBennett, Cherie-813 B471li-UIUC
Blue Star RaptureBennett, James-813 B471bs-Doyle
ExecutionerBennett, Jay---UIUC
PigeonBennett, Jay---UIUC
Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, AnBentham, JeremyJF511 .B56 1948 1967r--LS:Religious
Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilBerendt, JohnPBK B488 mi--Doyle
To the WeddingBerger, John---BCOB 10-11, 12-13
Supernatural: From ESP to UFOsBerger, Melvin---Doyle
Little Big ManBerger, ThomasPS3552.E719 L5--Doyle
Creative EvolutionBergson, HenriB2430.B4 E72 1977--LS:Religious
Alciphron, or the Minute PhilosopherBerkeley, GeorgeB1316.B47 B47 1993--LS:Religious
Loves Me, Loves Me NotBernardo, Anilu---UIUC
Sweet Sixteen and Never…Betancourt, Deanne---Doyle
Bhagavad-Gita as It IsBhaktivedanta Book TrustBL1138.62 .E5 1986c--BCOB 11-12
Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 YearsBigelow, Bill and Bob Peterson, eds.E119.2 .R48 1998-CASANCTE
Limericks: Historical and HystericalBillington, Ray---Doyle
Do or DieBing, LeonHV6439.U7 L7 1991--Doyle
Witch's Handbook, TheBird, Malcolm---Doyle
Attack of the Mutant UnderwearBirdseye, Tom-813 B618am-Doyle
Five Chinese Brothers, TheBishop, Claire H.-398.2 B622fi-Doyle
Tithe: a Modern Faerie TaleBlack, Holly---NCTE
Black Boy (Diary of a Teenage Stud) Vol. 1: Girls, Girls, GirlsBlack, Jonah---UIUC
Kid's First Book about Sex, ABlank, Joan---Doyle
Laugh LinesBlank, Joan---Doyle
Exorcist, The Blatty, William P. PS3552.L392 E8--Doyle
Baby Be-BopBlock, Francesca Lia-813 B651be-LS:Social
Cherokee Bat and the Goat GuysBlock, Francesca Lia-813 B651c-UIUC
EchoBlock, Francesca Lia-813 B651ec -UIUC
Girl Goddess #9Block, Francesca Lia---Doyle
I Was a Teenage FairyBlock, Francesca Lia-813 B651iw-Doyle
Violet and ClareBlock, Francesca Lia---UIUC
Weetzie BatBlock, Francesca Lia-813 B651wb-UIUC
Witch BabyBlock, Francesca Lia-813 B651wi -Doyle
Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales RetoldBlock, Francesca Lia and Suza Scalora-813 B651rb-Doyle
Modern Critical Views: James BaldwinBloom, Harold, ed.---Doyle
TangerineBloor, Edward-813 B655tg -UIUC
Devils and DemonsBlumberg, Rhoda---Doyle
Are You There, God? It's Me, MargaretBlume, Judy-813 B658arQCDoyle
BlubberBlume, Judy-813 B658bl-LS:Social
DeenieBlume, Judy-813 B658de-Doyle
ForeverBlume, Judy-813 B658fo-LS:Sexual
Here's to You, Rachel RobinsonBlume, Judy-813 B658he -Doyle
Iggie's HouseBlume, Judy-813 B658ih-Doyle
It's Not the End of the WorldBlume, Judy-813 B658it-Doyle
One in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo, TheBlume, Judy-028.5 B658on-Doyle
Otherwise Known as Sheila the GreatBlume, Judy---Doyle
Starring Sally J. Freedman as HerselfBlume, Judy---Doyle
SuperfudgeBlume, Judy-813 B658sf 1980-Doyle
Tales of a Fourth Grade NothingBlume, Judy-813 B658tf-UIUC
Then Again Maybe I Won'tBlume, Judy-813 B658t-LS:Sexual
Tiger EyesBlume, Judy-813 B658ti-Doyle
DecameronBoccaccio, GiovanniPQ4272.E5--LS:Sexual
View from Another ClosetBode, Janet---Doyle
Heartbreak and Roses: Real-Life Stories of Troubled LoveBode, Janet and Stan Mack-306.7 B666hr-Doyle
Replenishing JessicaBodenheim, MaxPS3503.O17 R4--LS:Sexual
Church, Charism and Power: Liberation Theology and the Institutional ChurchBoff, Leonard---LS:Religious
Ewoks Join the FightBogart, Bonnie---Doyle
LilyBonner, Cindy-813 B716iy-Doyle
Necking with LouiseBook, Rick---UIUC
TyrellBooth, Coe-CURRLIB. 813 B725ty-BCOB 16-17
Impressions seriesBooth, Jack--QCLS:Religious
Herbie CapleeniesBopp, Joseph B.---Doyle
When the Legends DieBorland, HalPS3503.O563 W5--Doyle
HalloweenBorten, Helen---Doyle
Humor 2Bossert, Jill---Doyle
Our Bodies, OurselvesBoston Women's Health Book CollectiveRA778 .N67 1984--Doyle
Mystery RideBoswell, Robert---Doyle
Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern WarBowden, MarkDT407.4 .B69 1999--Doyle
History Alive! The Medieval World and BeyondBower, Bert, and Jim Lobdell---BCOB 15-16
Living Bible, TheBower, William C.BS511 .B63--Doyle
Tortilla CurtainBoyle, T. CoraghessanPS3552.O932 T67 1996--Doyle
Fahrenheit 451Bradbury, RayPS3503.R167 F3813 B798ff-LS:Social
Illustrated Man (the story The Veldt)Bradbury, RayPS3503.R167 I6--Doyle
Martian Chronicles, TheBradbury, Ray-813 B798mc-Doyle
Red Sky at MorningBradford, Richard-813.54 B799r -Doyle
Sweet Bells Jangled Out of TuneBrancato, Robin---UIUC
WinningBrancato, Robin---Doyle
Uncle Bobby's WeddingBrannen, Sarah-028.5 B821ub-Doyle
Forever in Blue, the Fourth Summer of the SisterhoodBrashares, Ann-813 B823fb-BCOB 10-11
Second Summer of the SisterhoodBrashares, Ann---UIUC
Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsBrashares, AnnPS3602.R385 S57 2004813 B823st -UIUC
Getting Jesus in the MoodBrashler, Anne---Doyle
Abortion, The: An Historical RomanceBrautigan, RichardPS3503.R2736 A4--Doyle
Confederate General from Big Sur, TheBrautigan, RichardPS3503.R2736 C6 1970--Doyle
Pill vs. the Springhill Mine Disaster, TheBrautigan, Richard---Doyle
Revenge of the Lawn, TheBrautigan, RichardPS3503.R2736 R4 1971--Doyle
Rommel Drives on Deep into EgyptBrautigan, Richard---Doyle
Trout Fishing in AmericaBrautigan, RichardPS3503.R2736 A6 1969--Doyle
Hard FeelingsBredes, Don---Doyle
All Together NowBridgers, Sue Ellen---UIUC
Home Before DarkBridgers, Sue Ellen---UIUC
Keeping ChristinaBridgers, Sue Ellen-813 B851kc-UIUC
Permanent ConnectionsBridgers, Sue Ellen---UIUC
Father ChristmasBriggs, Raymond---Doyle
Dry White Season, ABrink, AndrePR9369.3.B7 D7--LS:Political
Wish GiverBrittain, Bill-813 B862wg-UIUC
El GrecoBronstein, LeoOVERSIZE. ND813.T4 B7--Doyle
Boys Will BeBrooks, Bruce---UIUC
Moves Make the ManBrooks, Bruce-813 B873mmQCDoyle
LucasBrooks, Kevin-823 B873lu-UIUC
True Confessions of a Heartless GirlBrooks, Martha-813 B873tc-UIUC
Manchild in the Promised LandBrown, ClaudeE185.97.B86 A3 1965--LS:Social
Da Vinci CodeBrown, DanPS3552.R685434 D3--LS:Religious
Bury My Heart at Wounded KneeBrown, Dee AlexanderE81.B75970.4 B877bQCLS:Political
What's the Big Secret? Talking About Sex with Girls and BoysBrown, Laurie Krasny and Marc Tolon Brown-613 B878bs-BCOB 11-12
Dinosaurs DivorceBrown, Laurie Krasny, and Marc Tolon Brown-306.8 B878d-Doyle
Buster's SugartimeBrown, Marc Tolon---Doyle
Religio MediciBrowne, Sir ThomasPR3327 .A73 1963--LS:Religious
Aurora LeighBrowning, Elizabeth BarrettPR4194 .C75 1999--Doyle
Bad Kitty For PresidentBruel, Nick-CURRLIB. 028.5 B889bk-BCOB 16-17
Skeleton ManBruhac, Joseph-813 B887sm-UIUC
On the Infinite Universe and WorldsBruno, Giordano---LS:Religious
Epaminondas and His AuntieBryant, Sara Cone---Doyle
Bones on Black Spruce MountainBudbill, David---Doyle
Master and MargaritaBulgakov, Mikhail---UIUC
Invisible Marijuana and Psychedelic Mushroom GardensBunch, Robert---Doyle
Just Hold OnBunn, Scott---Doyle
Karen Kepplewhite Is The World's Best KisserBunting, Eve---Doyle
Fail-SafeBurdick, Eugene and Harvey WheelerPS3552.U724 F3--LS:Political
Clockwork OrangeBurgess, Anthony-823 B955co-LS:Social
Doing ItBurgess, Melvin---Doyle
Lady: My Life as a BitchBurgess, Melvin---UIUC
SmackBurgess, Melvin-823 B955sm-UIUC
Merry Muses of CaledoniaBurns, Robert---LS:Sexual
Running With ScissorsBurroughs, AugustenPBK B972 rs--Doyle
TarzanBurroughs, Edgar Rice---Doyle
JunkyBurroughs, William S.---LS:Social
Naked LunchBurroughs, William S.PS3552.U75 N3--LS:Social
Yage Letters, TheBurroughs, William, and Allen Ginsberg---Doyle
AdriftBurtinshaw, Julie---UIUC
Kama Sutra of VatsayanaBurton, Richard, Sir, and F. Arbuthnot, trans.---LS:Sexual
Perfumed Garden of the Shaykh Nefzawi, TheBurton, Richard, Sir, trans.HQ461 .U48--LS:Sexual
Journey of the SparrowsBuss, Fran Leeper-813 B981jo 1993-Doyle
Trouble with LibertyButcher, Kristin---UIUC
My Mom's Having a BabyButler, Dori Hillestad-618.2 B985mb-BCOB 11-12
Butterfly Revolution, TheButler, William---Doyle
Hoax of the Twentieth Century, TheButz, Arthur R.D810.J4 B87 1977--LS:Political
Cracker JacksonByars, Betsy-813 B993c-UIUC
Trouble RiverByars, Betsy-813 B993tr QCUIUC