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Banned and Challenged Books: Authors C

Authors C

TitleAuthorMalpass Call #Curr Call #Other locSource
Jurgen: A Comedy of JusticeCabell, James BranchPS3505.A153 J8--LS:Sexual
EdgeCadnum, Michael---UIUC
RundownCadnum, Michael---UIUC
Taking ItCadnum, Michael---UIUC
Zero at the BoneCadnum, Michael---UIUC
SerenadeCain, James M.---LS:Sexual
Talking with Your Child about Sex: Questions and Answers for Children from Birth to PubertyCalderone, Mary S. and James W. Ramey---Doyle
God's Little AcreCaldwell, Erskine---LS:Sexual
Tobacco RoadCaldwell, ErskinePS3505.A322 T6 1940b--LS:Sexual
Tragic GroundCaldwell, ErskinePS3505.A322 T7--LS:Sexual
Sapphistry: The Book of Lesbian SexualityCalifia, PatHQ75.5 .C34 1988--Doyle
Just-Right Family: Cabbage Patch Kids seriesCallen, Larry---Doyle
Institutes of the Christian ReligionCalvin, JeanBX9420.I65--LS:Religious
Civil and Canonical LawCalvin, John---Doyle
If on a Winter's Night a TravelerCalvino, ItaloPQ4809.A45 S3713--NCTE
Exposing the AIDS ScandalCameron, Paul---Doyle
Artist as Visionary, TheCanaday, John---Doyle
Painting in Transition: Precursors of Modern ArtCanaday, John---Doyle
Ready? (Love Trilogy No. 1)Cann, Kate---UIUC
Sex (Love Trilogy, No. 2)Cann, Kate---UIUC
Shadow BrothersCannon, A.E.-813 C226sb-UIUC
In Cold BloodCapote, TrumanHV6533.K3 C3--Doyle
Ender's GameCard, Orson ScottPBK C266 eg-QCBCOB 11-12
Draw Me a StarCarle, Eric-028.5 C278dr-Doyle
GatheringCarmody, Isobelle---UIUC
Ioläus: An Anthology of FriendshipCarpenter, Edward---Doyle
Basketball Diaries, TheCarroll, Jim---LS:Social
Alice's Adventures in WonderlandCarroll, Lewis--ArchivesLS:Social
My Father's ScarCart, Michael-813 C322sc-Doyle
RobodadCarter, Alden R.---UIUC
Sheila's DyingCarter, Alden R.---Doyle
Up CountryCarter, Alden R.-813 C323u-UIUC
Wart, Son of ToadCarter, Alden R.---UIUC
Education of Little Tree, TheCarter, ForrestPS3553.A777 Z464 1986--Doyle
Keeping Faith, Memories of a PresidentCarter, Jimmy---LS:Political
Homo Handbook: Getting in Touch with Your Inner HomoCarter, Judy---Doyle
What Joy Awaits YouCarus, Marianne---Doyle
Who Will Tell My Brother?Carvell, Marlene---UIUC
Memoires (History of My Life)Casanova de Seingalt---LS:Sexual
Losing LouisaCaseley, Judith-813 C337lo-UIUC
My Father, the NutcaseCaseley, Judith---UIUC
Look at the PeopleCasey, Bernie---Doyle
It's Only LoveCashdan, Linda---Doyle
BetrayedCast, P.C. and Kristin Cast---BCOB 11-12
House of Night (series)Cast, P.C. and Kristin Cast---Doyle
Concerning HereticsCastellio, Sebastian---LS:Religious
Land of the Free: a History of the United StatesCaughey, John W., John Hope Franklin, and Ernest R. May---LS:Political
Man, Myth and Magic: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology, Religion and the UnknownCavendish, Richard, ed.---Doyle
Don QuixoteCervantes, Miguel dePQ6323.A1--LS:Religious
WiltChamberlain, Wilt---Doyle
Dance on My Grave: a Life and a Death in Four PartsChambers, Aidan-823 C444da-Doyle
New Dictionary of American SlangChapman, Robert L.--REFLS:Social
Billy Budd, KGBCharyn, Jerome---Doyle
Canterbury TalesChaucer, GeoffreyPR1866821.1 C678ca-LS:Social
Perks of Being A WallflowerChbosky, Stephen-813 C513pw-LS:Sexual
ParisChelminski, Rudolph---Doyle
Imitate the TigerCheripko, Jan---UIUC
Girl With a Pearl EarringChevalier, Tracy---Doyle
Double CrossChick, Jack T.---Doyle
The Big BetrayalChick, Jack T.---Doyle
Hero Ain't Nothin' but a SandwichChildress, Alice-813 C536ah-LS:Social
Rainbow JordanChildress, Alice-813 C536rj-Doyle
Those Other PeopleChildress, Alice-813 C536to-UIUC
Al Capone Does My ShirtsCholdenko, Gennifer-813 C547ac 2004QCBCOB 15-16
InterventionsChomsky, Noam---UK
Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass MediaChomsky, Noam and Edward S. HermanP95.82.U6 H47 1988--Doyle
AwakeningChopin, KatePS1294.C63 A8 -WCLS:Sexual
Jerome and the Witchcraft KidsChristelow, Eileen-028.5 C554jw-Doyle
Voyage of the BassetChristensen, James C., Renwick St. James, and Alan Dean Foster---Doyle
Prince in Waiting, TheChristopher, John---Doyle
Kid Who Only Hits Homers, TheChristopher, Matt---Doyle
Book of Common PrayerChurch of EnglandBX5943.A1--LS:Religious
Beans of Egypt, TheChute, Carolyn--WCDoyle
Hunt for Red October, TheClancy, TomPBK C587 hu--Doyle
Witches' ChildrenClapp, Patricia C.---Doyle
I'll Be Seeing YouClark, Mary Higgins---Doyle
Ox-Bow IncidentClark, Walter van TilburgPS3505.L376--LS:Social
Girl Named Sooner, AClauser, Suzanne---Doyle
ShogunClavell, JamesPR6053.L365 S5 1975--Doyle
Soul on IceCleaver, EldridgeE185.97 .C6--LS:Social
Fanny HillCleland, John---LS:Sexual
FrindleClements, Andrew-813 C633f-UIUC
Seven Contemporary Short NovelsClerc, Charles and Louis Leiter, eds.---Doyle
Stone in My Hand, AClinton, Cathryn-813 C641sh-Doyle
Love Me SailorClose, Robert S.---Doyle
Lesbian Couple Clunis, D. Merilee--GBCCDoyle
HorseClutton-Brock, Juliet---Doyle
HappeningsCobb, Katie-813 C653ha-UIUC
PrepCoburn, Jake---UIUC
Sahara SpecialCodell, Esme Raji-813 C669ss-UIUC
Ricochet River Cody, Robin---Doyle
Tell Us Your SecretCohen, Barbara---UIUC
Unicorns in the RainCohen, Barbara---Doyle
Curses, Hexes and SpellsCohen, Daniel---Doyle
Ghostly WarningsCohen, Daniel-133.1 C678g-Doyle
Headless Roommate and Other Tales of Terror, TheCohen, Daniel---Doyle
Phantom AnimalsCohen, Daniel---Doyle
Restless Dead: Ghostly Tales from Around the World, TheCohen, Daniel---Doyle
Six Pack and a Fake IDCohen, Daniel---UIUC
Southern Fried Rat and Other Gruesome TalesCohen, Daniel---Doyle
World's Most Famous Ghosts, TheCohen, Daniel---Doyle
When Someone You Know Is GayCohen, Susan and Daniel Cohen---Doyle
GingerbreadCohn, Rachel-813 C678gb -UIUC
When It HappensColasanti, Susane---BCOB 12-13
Mommy Laid An EggCole, Babette-649 C689me-Doyle
Facts Speak for ThemselvesCole, Brock-813 C687fa-UIUC
GoatsCole, Brock-813 C689go-LS:Sexual
Asking About Sex and Growing UpCole, Joanna---Doyle
Bony-LegsCole, Joanna--QCDoyle
How You Were BornCole, Joanna---Doyle
I'm Mad at YouCole, Joanna---Doyle
Snake's Body, ACole, Joanna---Doyle
Oh, That's Ridiculous!Cole, William---Doyle
Supernaturalist, TheColfer, Eoin---Doyle
Rape of Sita, TheCollen, Lindsey---LS:Religious
My Crooked FamilyCollier, James Lincoln---UIUC
Jump Ship to FreedomCollier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier---Doyle
My Brother Sam is DeadCollier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier-813 C699my-LS:Political
War Comes to Willy FreemanCollier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier-813 C699w-Doyle
With Every Drop of BloodCollier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier-813 C699ed-Doyle
Her MonsterCollignon, Jeff---Doyle
Lovers and GamblersCollins, Jackie---Doyle
Unidentified Flying ObjectsCollins, Jim---Doyle
Hunger Games, TheCollins, Suzanne-813 C713hg-BCOB 10-11
Diary of a Frantic Kid SisterColman, Hila---Doyle
Many StonesComan, Carolyn-813 C728ms-UIUC
Tell Me EverythingComan, Carolyn-813 C728tm-UIUC
What Jamie SawComan, Carolyn-813 C811wjQCUIUC
Joy of SexComfort, Alex---Doyle
New Joy of SexComfort, Alex---Doyle
Facts of Love, TheComfort, Alex and Jane Comfort---Doyle
Joy of Sex: The Cordon Bleu Guide to Lovemaking, TheComfort, Alex and Jane Comfort---Doyle
More Joy of SexComfort, Alex and Jane Comfort---Doyle
Course of Positive Philosophy, TheComte, Auguste---LS:Religious
Our Land, Our Time: a History of the United StatesConlin, Joseph Robert--QCLS:Political
Crazy LadyConly, Jane Leslie-813 C752czQCDoyle
Most Dangerous GameConnell, RichardPS3505.O48135 M67 1990--BCOB 12-13
Chinese Room, TheConnell, Vivian---LS:Sexual
September in QuinzeConnell, Vivian---LS:Sexual
You and Your FamilyConner, Macet Al, and Gerry Contreras---Doyle
Devil's Book of Verse, TheConniff, RichardPN6110.S27 D48 1983--Doyle
Heart of DarknessConrad, JosephPR6005.O4 H4--Doyle
Nigger of the Narcissus, TheConrad, JosephPR6005.O4 N5--Doyle
Holding Me HereConrad, Pam---Doyle
LaceConran, Shirley---Doyle
Beach MusicConroy, PatPBK C754.1 be--Doyle
Great SantiniConroy, Pat---Doyle
Lords of Discipline, TheConroy, PatPS3553.O5198 L6--Doyle
Prince of TidesConroy, PatPS3553.O5198 P7--Doyle
Water is Wide, TheConroy, Pat--PBKDoyle
ComaCook, Robin---Doyle
Lake, TheCooke, John Peyton---Doyle
Face on the Milk CartonCooney, Caroline-813 C775fa-UIUC
TerroristCooney, Caroline---Doyle
Sex, Sexuality and You: A Handbook for Growing ChristiansCooney, Nancy H.---Doyle
Dark is RisingCooper, Susan-823 C778drQCUIUC
On the Revolution of Heavenly SpheresCopernicus, Nicolaus---LS:Religious
Tell Me EverythingCorman, Carolyn-813 C728tm-Doyle
After the First DeathCormier, Robert-813 C189rc-Doyle
Beyond the Chocolate WarCormier, Robert-813 C811ci-Doyle
Bumblebee Flies AnywayCormier, Robert-813 C189rc-UIUC
Chocolate WarCormier, RobertPS3553.O657 C5813 C811chQCLS:Social
FadeCormier, Robert-813 C811fd-Doyle
Frenchtown SummerCormier, Robert-813 C811frQCUIUC
HeroesCormier, Robert-813 C811he-Doyle
I Am the CheeseCormier, Robert-813 C811ia-LS:Political
Other Bells for Us to RingCormier, Robert-813 C811ob-UIUC
Rag and Bone ShopCormier, Robert-813 C189rc-UIUC
TendernessCormier, Robert-813 C811ts-Doyle
Tunes for Bears to Dance ToCormier, Robert-813 C811t-UIUC
We All Fall DownCormier, Robert---LS:Social
Woman's Guide to a Safe AbortionCorsaro, Maria and Carole Korzeniowsky---Doyle
Homosexuality in AmericaCory, Donald Webster---Doyle
Danny Ain'tCottonwood, Joe---UIUC
Wellness: Stress ManagementCottrell, Randall---Doyle
Beginner's Guide to Drawing Cartoons, TheCoupe, Peter---Doyle
Power of One, TheCourtenay, BrycePR9619.3.C5964 P69 1996--Doyle
Am I Blue?Coville, Bruce-808.83 C873od-Doyle
Dragonslayers, TheCoville, Bruce---Doyle
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon HatcherCoville, Bruce-813 C873je 2002-Doyle
My Teacher Glows in the DarkCoville, Bruce---Doyle
My Teacher Is an AlienCoville, Bruce-813 C873my-Doyle
Lasso the MoonCovington, Dennis---UIUC
Blithe SpiritCoward, NoelPR6005.O85 B45 1979--Doyle
Night TalkCox, Elizabeth---Doyle
Swimming to AntarcticaCox, Lynne---NCTE
Student CriticCox, R. David---Doyle
Book of Common Prayer, TheCranmer, Thomas and Others---LS:Religious
Carter Finally Gets ItCrawford, Brent---BCOB 12-13
BloomabilityCreech, Sharon-813 C913bl-UIUC
Walk Two MoonsCreech, Sharon-813 C913wQCUIUC
CongoCrichton, MichaelPS3553.R48 C6 1980b--Doyle
Mississippi Trial, 1955Crowe, Chris---UIUC
Magick in Theory and PracticeCrowley, Aleister---Doyle
R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book, TheCrumb, R.OVERSIZE. PN6727.C7 R16 1998--Doyle
Stuck Rubber BabyCruse, HowardPN6727.C78 S88--Doyle
Athletic Shorts: Six Short StoriesCrutcher, Chris-813 C957at-Doyle
Chinese HandcuffsCrutcher, Chris-813 C957ch-Doyle
Crazy Horse Electric GameCrutcher, Chris-813 C957cr-UIUC
DeadlineCrutcher, Chris---Doyle
In the Time I GetCrutcher, Chris---Doyle
IronmanCrutcher, Chris-813 C957i -UIUC
Running LooseCrutcher, Chris-813 C957r-Doyle
Staying Fat for Sarah ByrnesCrutcher, Chris-813 C957sf-BCOB 10-11
Stotan!Crutcher, Chris-813 C957st-Doyle
Whale TalkCrutcher, Chris-813 C957wt-LS:Social
Promise of AmericaCuban, Larry and Philip Roden--LS:Political
Guinness Book of World RecordsCunningham, Antonia, ed.--QCDoyle
You Cannot Die: The Incredible Findings of a Century of Research on DeathCurrie, Ian---Doyle
Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples, ACurry, Hayden and Denis Clifford---Doyle
Watsons Go to Birmingham -- 1963Curtis, Christopher Paul-813 C978wbQCDoyle
BiologyCurtis, Helena---Doyle
Mr. Wheatfield's LoftCusack, Isabel---Doyle
Ballad of Lucy WhippleCushman, Karen-813 C986ba -UIUC
Catherine, Called BirdyCushman, Karen-813 C986cbQCUIUC
Midwife's ApprenticeCushman, Karen-813 C986maQCDoyle
Voyages to the Moon and the SunCyrano de Bergerac, SavinienPQ1793 .A424--LS:Religious