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Banned and Challenged Books: Authors E-F

Authors E-F

TitleAuthorMalpass Call #Curr Call #Other locSource
My People: The History of the JewsEban, Abba---LS:Political
Today's Isms: Communism, Fascism, Capitalism, SocialismEbenstein, WilliamHN18 .E2--LS:Political
Homosexual, TheEbert, Alan---Doyle
Three-Part WorkEckhart, Meister---LS:Religious
Floatplane Notebooks, TheEdgerton, Clyde---Doyle
Walking Across EgyptEdgerton, Clyde---Doyle
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering GeniusEggers, DaveCT275.E37 A3 2000--BCOB 16-17
Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in AmericaEhrenreich, BarbaraHD4918 .E375 2001-WC, CASADoyle
Where it Stops, Nobody Knows (Joyride)Ehrlich, Amy-813 E33jo-Doyle
Reincarnation of Peter Proud, TheEhrlich, MaxPS3509.H663 R4 1974--Doyle
Hidden Face of Eve: Women in the Arab WorldEl Saadawi, NawalHQ1784 .S18--LS:Religious
Spoken Word Revolution: Slam, Hip-Hop & the Poetry of a New GenerationEleveld, Mark, ed.---Doyle
Adam BedeEliot, GeorgePR4650 .E78 v.1-2 1878 1974f--Doyle
Silas MarnerEliot, GeorgePR4670 .A1 1962--Doyle
Christian Commonwealth, TheEliot, John---LS:Religious
Born Too Short: The Confessions of an Eighth-Grade Basket CaseElish, Dan-813 E43bs-Doyle
Alphabet for Rotten Kids, AnElliot, David---Doyle
American PsychoEllis, Bret Easton---Doyle
World History Ellis, Elisabeth Gaynor, and Anthony Esler---Doyle
Studies in the Psychology of SexEllis, HavelockHQ21 .E58 1942--Doyle
Invisible ManEllison, RalphPS3555.L625 I5--LS:Social
Prelude to World War IIElson, Robert T.---Doyle
Evangelical Commentary on the BibleElwell, Walter A., ed.---Doyle
Echo CompanyEmerson, Zack---Doyle
Encyclopedia BritannicaEncyclopedia Britannica Editorial StaffAE5 .E363 2007--Doyle
Concepts in BiologyEnger, Eldon, D., et al.---Doyle
ColloquiesErasmus, DesideriusPA8508.E5 B3 1900--LS:Religious
Praise of FollyErasmus, DesideriusPA8514.E5--LS:Religious
American Indian Myths and LegendsErdoes, Richard and Alfonso OrtizE98.F6 A47 1984--Doyle
The Middle School Survival Guide Erlbach, Arlene---Doyle
Graphic Work of M.C. Escher, TheEscher, M.C.OVERSIZE. NE670.E75 A43 1967--Doyle
John Maynard KeynesEscoffier, Jeffrey---Doyle
Like Water for ChocolateEsquivel, LauraPQ7298.15.S638 .C6613--Doyle
MoffatsEstes, Eleanor---UIUC
Cutting EdgeEtchison, Dennis---Doyle
Longarm in Virginia CityEvans, Tabor---Doyle
Holt Basic ReadingsEveretts, E.---LS:Religious
CerberusEvslin, Bernard---Doyle
Someone to Love MeEyerly, Jeannette---Doyle
Wretched of the Earth, TheFanon, FrantzDT33 .F313 1963--Doyle
Girl Named DisasterFarmer, Nancy-813 F234gn-UIUC
House of the ScorpionFarmer, Nancy-813 F234hs-UIUC
Image of the BeastFarmer, Philip J.--ArchivesDoyle
Studs Lonigan: A TrilogyFarrell, James---LS:Sexual
World I Never Made, AFarrell, JamesPS3511.A738 W6--LS:Social
You and Your HealthFassbender, WilliamRA776 .F24--Doyle
Citizen Tom PaineFast, HowardPS3511.A784 C5--LS:Political
Immigrants, TheFast, HowardPS3511.A784 I4--Doyle
Second GenerationFast, Howard---Doyle
As I Lay DyingFaulkner, WilliamPS3511.A86 S6--LS:Social
Hamlet, TheFaulkner, WilliamPS3511.A86 H3 1940c--Doyle
MosquitoesFaulkner, WilliamPS3511.A86 M6 1927--Doyle
PylonFaulkner, WilliamPS3511.A86 P95 1962--Doyle
Rose for Emily, AFaulkner, William---Doyle
SanctuaryFaulkner, WilliamPS3511.A86 S32--LS:Sexual
Soldier's PayFaulkner, WilliamPS3511.A86 S63 1954--Doyle
Wild PalmsFaulkner, WilliamPS3511.A86 W5 1952--LS:Sexual
SociologyFederico, Ronald---Doyle
Jambo Means Hello: The Swahili AlphabetFeelings, Muriel-411 F319j 1981b-Doyle
The Many Faces of Anti-Semitism Feitelson, Rose, and George Salomon---Doyle
Show Me the EvidenceFerguson, Alane-813 F352sm-Doyle
Coney Island of the MindFerlinghetti, Lawrence---Doyle
Starting from San FranciscoFerlinghetti, Lawrence---Doyle
BadFerris, Jean-813 F394ba-UIUC
Eight SecondsFerris, Jean---Doyle
Love Among the WalnutsFerris, Jean---UIUC
BingeFerry, Charles-362.29 F399bi -UIUC
History of Tom Jones, a FoundlingFielding, HenryPR3454 .H5--LS:Sexual
Sissy DucklingFierstein, Harvey---Doyle
Wars, TheFindley, TimothyPR9199.3.F52 W37--BCOB 11-12
Great GatsbyFitzgerald, F. ScottPS3511.I9 G7--LS:Social
Cities on a Hill: A Journey Through Contemporary American CulturesFitzgerald, FrancesHN59 .F57 1986--Doyle
Great Brain, TheFitzgerald, John D.---Doyle
Harriet the SpyFitzhugh, Louise-813 F555hQCDoyle
Long Secret, TheFitzhugh, Louise-813 F555se 2001-Doyle
SportFitzhugh, Louise-813 F555s-Doyle
Begging for ChangeFlake, Sharon G.-813 F576bc-UIUC
Money HungryFlake, Sharon G.---UIUC
Madame BovaryFlaubert, GustavePQ2246.M--LS:Sexual
NovembreFlaubert, GustavePQ2246.N7 E5 1967--LS:Sexual
Whipping BoyFleischman, Sid-813 F596wb QCUIUC
SaturnaliaFleischmann, Paul-813 F596sa-UIUC
WhirligigFleischmann, Paul-813 F596wh -UIUC
Breaking PointFlinn, Alex (Alexandra)-813 F622bp-UIUC
Breathing UnderwaterFlinn, Alex (Alexandra)-813 F622bu-UIUC
Grandpa's Ghost StoriesFlora, James---Doyle
Extremely Loud and Incredibly CloseFoer, Jonathan SafranPS3606.O38 E97 2005--BCOB 10-11
My Brother's HeroFogelin, Adrian-813 F655mb-Doyle
Eye of the NeedleFollett, Ken---Doyle
Hammer of Eden, TheFollett, Ken---Doyle
Night Over WaterFollett, Ken---Doyle
Pillars of the EarthFollett, KenPBK F667 pi--Doyle
Double or NothingFoon, Dennis---UIUC
One Hundred Questions and Answers about AIDSFord, Michael Thomas---Doyle
Just One DayForman, Gayle---BCOB 15-16
Big BangForman, James---UIUC
Beverly MalibuForrest, Katherine---Doyle
Sound the JubileeForrester, Sandra-813 F731j-UIUC
MauriceForster, E.M.---Doyle
Devil's Alternative, TheForsyth, FrederickPR6056.O699 D4--Doyle
Gorillas in the MistFossey, DianQL737.P96 F67 1983--LS:Social
Guess What?Fox, Mem-028.5 F793gu-Doyle
Eagle KiteFox, Paula-813 F793ek-UIUC
Moonlight ManFox, Paula-813 F793m -UIUC
Slave DancerFox, Paula-813 F793sdQCDoyle
Penguin IslandFrance, AnatolePQ2254.I4 E5 1933--LS:Religious
You Hear Me?: Poems and Writings by Teenage BoysFranco, Betsy, ed.-810.8 Y67yh-Doyle
Diary of a Young GirlFrank, AnneDS135.N6 F73313 1995-QCLS:Social
AmericaFrank, E.R.-813 F828am-Doyle
Life is FunnyFrank, E.R.---Doyle
Marijuana Grower's GuideFrank, Mel and Ed Rosenthal---Doyle
Alas, BabylonFrank, Pat---Doyle
AutobiographyFranklin, BenjaminE302.6.F7A2--LS:Social
Cold MountainFrazier, CharlesPBK F848 co--NCTE
True Meaning of CleavageFredericks, Mariah---UIUC
Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World around ThemFreedom WritersHQ796 .F76355 1999--Doyle
Pedagogy of the OppressedFreire, PauloLB880.F73 P4313 1993--NCTE
Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis = Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die PsychoanalyseFreud, SigmundBF173.F7--LS:Religious
My HeartbeatFreymann-Weyr, Garret-813 W549mh-Doyle
Men in LoveFriday, Nancy---Doyle
Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s FantasiesFriday, Nancy--WCLS:Sexual
Around the World in a Hundred Years: Henry the Navigator-MagellanFritz, Jean-910.922 F919aw-Doyle
AuraFuentes, CarlosPQ7297.F793 A3--Doyle
Old Gringo, TheFuentes, CarlosPQ7297.F793 G713 1985--Doyle
The Death of Artemio CruzFuentes, CarlosPQ 7297.F793 M813--Doyle
Master Harold and the BoysFugard, AtholPR9369.3.F8 M3 1982--Doyle