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Banned and Challenged Books: Authors L

Authors L

TitleAuthorMalpass Call #Curr Call #Other locSource
Laughing BoyLa Farge, OliverPS3523.A2663 L3--LS:Political
Hold StillLaCour, Nina-813 L145hs-BCOB 11-12
Foolproof Birth ControlLader, Lawrence---Doyle
Namesake, TheLahiri, Jhumpa---NCTE
Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic IndiaLaine, James W.--- LS:Religious
Tales from ScandinaviaLaing, Frederick---Doyle
Sisters Impossible, TheLandis, James David---Doyle
100 Greatest TyrantsLangley, Andrew---Doyle
Fragile Flag, TheLangton, Jane---LS:Political
HealthLaPlace, JohnRA776 .L348 1976--Doyle
BuckLarimer, Tamela---UIUC
Male and Female Under 18Larrick, Nancy and Eve Merriam--- Doyle
What I Know NowLarson, Rodger---Doyle
PrankLasky, Kathryn---UIUC
Star SplitLasky, Kathryn-813 L345st -UIUC
Christmas Birthday StoryLaurence, Margaret---Doyle
Jest of God, ALaurence, Margaret---Doyle
Stone Angel, TheLaurence, MargaretPR6023.A8 S7 1964--Doyle
Collected PaintingsLawrence, D.H.---Doyle
Lady Chatterley's LoverLawrence, D.H.PR6023.A93 L2-- LS:Sexual
Paintings of D. H. LawrenceLawrence, D.H.ND497.L37 P3--Doyle
PansiesLawrence, D.H.---LS:Sexual
Rainbow, TheLawrence, D.H.PR6023.A93 R3 1989--LS:Sexual
Sons and LoversLawrence, D.H.PR6023.A93 S6--Doyle
Women in LoveLawrence, D.H.PR6023.A93 W63--LS:Sexual
Ghost BoyLawrence, Iain-823 L421gbQCUIUC
Inherit the WindLawrence, Jerome, and Robert E. Lee-- MEDIADoyle
Diviners, TheLawrence, Margaret---Doyle
They Were Strong and GoodLawson, Robert-028.5 L425ts-Doyle
Whistle in the Graveyard: Folktales to Chill Your BonesLeach, Maria--- Doyle
CrazyLebert, Benjamin---Doyle
Ugly American, TheLederer, William J. and Eugene BurdickPS3562.E33 U3-- LS:Political
To Kill a MockingbirdLee, HarperPS3562.E353 T6 1960808.3 L478tQCLS:Social
I Want to Keep My BabyLee, Joanna---Doyle
Finding My VoiceLee, Marie G.-813 L479fm-UIUC
Limerick: 1700 Examples with Notes, Variants and IndexLegman, Gershon, ed.--- Doyle
Fisherman of the Inland SeaLeGuin, Ursula K.---Doyle
Lathe of HeavenLeGuin, Ursula K.---Doyle
Wizard of EarthseaLeGuin, Ursula K.PBK L521 we--NCTE
JugglingLehrman, Robert---Doyle
Age of Keynes, TheLekachman, RobertHB99.7 .L4--LS:Political
Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with IndiaLelyveld, Joseph--- BCOB 10-11, 11-12
Many WatersL'Engle, Madeleine-813 L566mw-Doyle
Troubling a StarL'Engle, Madeleine-813 L566tsQCUIUC
Wrinkle in TimeL'Engle, Madeleine-813 L566wr-Doyle
State and Revolution, TheLenin, Vladimir I.DK254.L3 S8-- LS:Political
Where the Heart IsLetts, Billie--WCDoyle
Best Little Girl in the World, TheLevenkron, Steven---Doyle
Patriot, TheLevin, Hanoch---LS:Political
Queen of the Bathtub = Malkat AmbatyaLevin, Hanoch--- LS:Political
Rosemary's BabyLevin, Ira--MEDIADoyle
Stepford WivesLevin, Ira---Doyle
I Hate EnglishLevine, Ellen-028.5 L665he 1995-Doyle
Boy Meets BoyLevithan, David-813 L666bb-UIUC
Two Boys KissingLevithan, David---BCOB 14-15
CureLevitin, Sonia-813 L666cu -UIUC
FreakonomicsLevitt, Steven D., and Stephen J. DubnerHB74.P8 L479 2005-- LS:Social
Alan and NaomiLevoy, Myron--QCDoyle
Came a SpiderLevy, Edward---Doyle
Love is Not EnoughLevy, Marilyn---UIUC
Random House Thesaurus of SlangLewin, Esther--REFDoyle
Last BattleLewis, C.S.-823 L673la QCUIUC
Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeLewis, C.S.PR6023.E926 L5 1950823 L673lwQCDoyle
Magician's NephewLewis, C.S.-823 L673mnQCUIUC
There Are Two Lives: Poems by Children of JapanLewis, Richard, comp.--- Doyle
Cass TimberlaneLewis, SinclairPS3523.E94 C3--Doyle
Elmer GantryLewis, SinclairPS3523.E94 E6 1967--LS:Social
It Can't Happen HereLewis, SinclairPS3523.E94 I7 1935-- LS:Political
Kingsblood RoyalLewis, SinclairPS3523.E94 K5--LS:Social
My Deep Dark Pain Is Love: A Collection of Latin American Gay FictionLeyland, Winston, ed.-- -Doyle
Now the Volcano: An Anthology of Latin American Gay LiteratureLeyland, Winston, ed.-- -Doyle
Zhuan Falun: The Complete Teaching of Falun GongLi, Hongzhi--- LS:Religious
Corpse Walker, The: Real Life Stories, China from the Bottom UpLiau, Yiwu--- LS:Political
Sex and Birth Control: A Guide for the YoungLieberman, Gail--- Doyle
Gods or Demons?Lightner, A.M.---Doyle
Children on Troublemaker Street, TheLindgren, Astrid---Doyle
Runaway Sleigh Ride, TheLindgren, Astrid---Doyle
Drugs from A to Z: A DictionaryLingeman, Richard R.HV5804 .L54-- Doyle
Human Sexuality in Nursing ProcessLion, Elizabeth M.---Doyle
In the Rabbit's GardenLionni, Leo---Doyle
Conception and ContraceptionLipke, Jean C.---Doyle
Crack Cocaine Diet (story from Hardly Knew Her) Lippman, Laura--- Doyle
BraveLipsyte, Robert-813 L767br-UIUC
ChiefLipsyte, Robert-813 L767ch-UIUC
ContenderLipsyte, RobertPS3525.I5 C6813 L767co-Doyle
Jock and JillLipsyte, Robert---UIUC
One Fat SummerLipsyte, Robert-813 L767o -Doyle
Summer RulesLipsyte, Robert-813 L767sr-UIUC
Lost Flower ChildrenLisle, Janet Taylor-813 L771fcQCUIUC
Willow and TwigLittle, Jean---UIUC
DruidsLlywelyn, Morgan---Doyle
Essay Concerning Human UnderstandingLocke, JohnB1291-- LS:Religious
Kill the Teacher's PetLocke, Joseph---UIUC
Sari Says: The Real Dirt on Everything from Sex to SchoolLocker, Sari--- LS:Sexual
Boy Book: A Study of Habits and Behaviors, Plus Techniques for Taming ThemLockhart, E.-813 L816bb-Doyle
Raintree CountryLockridge, Ross, Jr.---Doyle
Mississippi: Conflict and ChangeLoewen, James W. and Charles Sallis, eds.--- Doyle
Doctor DolittleLofting, Hugh John-813 L829vo-LS:Social
America Bewitched: The Rise of Black Magic and SpiritismLogan, Daniel--- Doyle
Slocum seriesLogan, Jake---Doyle
Call of the WildLondon, JackPS3523.O46 C35813 L847caQCDoyle
Drawings of Renoir, TheLongstreet, Stephen, ed.---Doyle
Growing Up Chicana/o: An AnthologyLopez, Tiffany Ana---Doyle
Hunt Club, TheLott, Bret---BCOB 11-12
SideScrollersLoux, Matthew---NCTE
AphroditeLouys, PierrePQ2623.O8 A8 1979--LS:Social
Songs of Bilitis, TheLouys, Pierre---Doyle
Twilight of the Nymphs, TheLouys, Pierre---Doyle
ButterflyLowen, Paul---Doyle
Anastasia at Your ServiceLowry, Lois-813 L921an-Doyle
Anastasia KrupnikLowry, Lois-813 L921ak-Doyle
Anastasia Krupnik (Series)Lowry, Lois-813 L921ak-Doyle
Anastasia, AgainLowry, Lois-813 L921sg-Doyle
Autumn StreetLowry, Lois-813 L921au-Doyle
Find a Stranger, Say Good-ByeLowry, Lois---Doyle
Gathering BlueLowry, Lois-813 L921gbQCUIUC
GiverLowry, LoisPS3562.O923 G 813 L921gvQCLS:Social
One Hundredth Thing about CarolineLowry, Lois---Doyle
Summer to Die, ALowry, Lois-813 L921su-Doyle
Taking Care of TerrificLowry, Lois---Doyle
DunkLubar, David-813 L926d-UIUC
Weenies SeriesLubar, David---BCOB 16-17
Matarese Circle, TheLudlum, Robert---Doyle
Maxfield ParrishLudwig, Coy L.NC975.5.P37 L82--Doyle
Brave New GirlLuna, Louise---UIUC
EricLund, Doris---Doyle
Address to the German NobilityLuther, Martin---LS:Religious
Babylonian Captivity of the ChurchLuther, MartinBR331.E5 J3 1970-- LS:Religious
Ninety-five ThesesLuther, Martinvarious--LS:Religious
WorksLuther, Martin---Doyle
I Hunt KillersLyga, BarryBR330 .E5 1943--Doyle
Extreme ElvinLynch, Chris-813 L987ex-Doyle
FreewillLynch, Chris-813 L987fw -UIUC
Iceman, TheLynch, Chris-813 L987ic-Doyle
MickLynch, Chris-813 L987mi -UIUC
Slot MachineLynch, Chris-813 L987st-UIUC
Letters from a Slave GirlLyons, Mary E.-813 L991ll QCUIUC