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Banned and Challenged Books: Titles K-L

Titles K-L

TitleAuthorMalpass Call #Curr Call #Other locSource
k.d. langMartinac, PaulaDoyle
Kaddish and other poemsGinsberg, AllenPS3513.I74 K3Doyle
Kaffir BoyMathabane, MarkDoyle
Kama Sutra of VatsayanaBurton, Richard, Sir, and F. Arbuthnot, trans.LS:Sexual
Kapital, DasMarx, KarlHB501 .MLS:Political
Karen Kepplewhite Is The World's Best KisserBunting, EveDoyle
Katie Morag and the Tiresome TedHedderwick, MairiDoyle My StoryTarbox, KatherineUIUC
KeeperNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds813 N333ke UIUC
Keeper of the NightHolt, Kimberly Willis813 H758knUIUC
Keeping ChristinaBridgers, Sue Ellen813 B851kcUIUC
Keeping Faith, Memories of a PresidentCarter, JimmyLS:Political
Keeping the Love You Find: A Guide for SinglesHendrix, HarvilleDoyle
Keeping You a SecretPeters, Julie AnneUIUC
Kid Who Only Hits Homers, TheChristopher, MattDoyle
Kidnapping for Suzie QWaddell, MartinUIUC
Kid's Book of Questions, TheStock, GregoryDoyle
Kid's First Book about Sex, ABlank, JoanDoyle
Kill the Teacher's PetLocke, JosephUIUC
Killer's CousinWerlin, Nancy813 W489kcUIUC
Killers, TheHemingway, ErnestMediaDoyle
Killing Mr. GriffinDuncan, Lois813 D911kiDoyle
King and Kingde Haan, Linda and Stern NijlandLS:Social
King LearShakespeare, WililamPR2750 .B19 1964Doyle
King of the WindHenry, Marguerite813 H523kwUIUC
King StorkPyle, Howard813 P996ki 1998Doyle
Kingsblood RoyalLewis, SinclairPS3523.E94 K5LS:Social
Kiss of the Spider WomanPuig, ManuelPQ7798.26.U4 A2313LS:Political
Kissing KateMyracle, LaurenUIUC
Kite RunnerHosseini, KhaledPBK H829 kiLS:Social
Knight in Shining Armor, ADeveraux, JudeDoyle
Knocked Out by My NungaNungas: Further, Further Confessions of Georgia NicolsonRennison, Louise823 R416koDoyle
Know About AIDSHyde, Margaret O., and Elizabeth ForsythDoyle
KnowingMcMillan, RosalynDoyle
Kookanoo and the KangarooDurack, Mary and Elizabeth DurackDoyle
KoranBP109BCOB 0910
Kreutzer Sonata, TheTolstoy, LeoPG3365 .K7 1957LS:Sexual
Krik! Krak!Danticat, EdwidgePS3554.A5815 K75Doyle
Kurt CobainMartin, MichaelDoyle
l8r, g8rMyracle, LaurenALA TT2011
LaceConran, ShirleyDoyle
Ladies in the ParlorTully, JimLS:Sexual
Lady Chatterley's LoverLawrence, D.H.PR6023.A93 L2LS:Sexual
Lady: My Life as a BitchBurgess, MelvinUIUC
Lajja (= Shame)Nasrin, TaslimaLS:Religious
Lake, TheCooke, John PeytonDoyle
Land and People of Cuba, TheOrtiz, VictoriaLS:Political
Land of the Free: a History of the United StatesCaughey, John W., John Hope Franklin, and Ernest R. MayLS:Political
Land of the Spices, TheO'Brien, KateDoyle
Land Remembered, ASmith, PatrickDoyle
Land, TheTaylor, Mildred D.813 T244laQCDoyle
Landscape of the BodyGuare, JohnDoyle
Lark in the MorningGarden, NancyUIUC
Lasso the MoonCovington, DennisUIUC
Last ActPike, ChristopherDoyle
Last BattleLewis, C.S.823 L673la QCUIUC
Last Exit to BrooklynSelby, HerbertPS3569.E547 L3 1965LS:Social
Last MissionMazer, Harry813 M476ssDoyle
Last Safe Place on EarthPeck, Richard813 P367spUIUC
Last Temptation of Christ, TheKazantzakis, NikosPA5610.K39 T43 1960bLS:Religious
Late Great MeScoppettone, SandraUIUC
Lathe of HeavenLeGuin, Ursula K.Doyle
Laugh LinesBlank, JoanDoyle
Laughing BoyLa Farge, OliverPS3523.A2663 L3LS:Political
Laughing WildDurang, ChristopherDoyle
Le Morte D'ArthurMalory, Sir ThomasPR2043 .L8 1982Doyle
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black DossierMoore, AlanPN6727.M667 L42 v.2 2003 ?Doyle
Learning about Sex: A guide for Children and Their ParentsAho, Jennifer S. and John W. PetrasDoyle
Learning How to FallKlein, NormaUIUC
Learning to SwimTurner, Ann811.54 T944ls UIUC
Learning TreeParks, GordonPS3566.A73 L4Doyle
Leaves of GrassWhitman, WaltPS3201LS:Social
Leaving DisneylandParsons, AlexanderDoyle
Leaving FishersHaddix, Margaret PetersonUIUC
Leaving the Fold: Testimonials of Former FundamentalistsBabinski, Edward T.Doyle
Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples, ACurry, Hayden and Denis CliffordDoyle
LenaWoodson, Jacqueline813 W898leUIUC
Lesbian CoupleGreen, G. Dorsey and D. Merilee ClunisGBCCDoyle
Lesbian Kama SutraHarding, KatDoyle
Leslie's JournalStratton, AllanUIUC
Lesson Before Dying, AGaines, Ernest J.PS3557.A355 L47 1994Doyle
Lessons from a Dead GirlKnowles, Jo (Johanna Beth)813 K73ldDoyle
Let's Talk about HealthPacker, Kenneth L. and Jeannine BowerDoyle
Letter on the BlindDiderot, DenisB2013.L4 A3LS:Religious
Letters Concerning the English NationVoltaire, FrancoisMarie ArouetLS:Religious
Letters from a Slave GirlLyons, Mary E.813 L991ll QCUIUC
Letters from the InsideMarsden, John823 M364fiDoyle
Letters in the AtticShimko, BonnieUIUC
LeviathanHobbes, ThomasJC153.H65LS:Religious
LiberaceMungo, RaymondDoyle
Librarian of Basra: A True Story form Iraq, TheWinter, Jeanette371.823 W785nsDoyle
Libro Negro de la Justicia Chilena, El = Black Book of Chilean JusticeMatus, AlejandraLS:Political
Life and HealthGrawunder, Ralph and Marion SteinmannDoyle
Life and LimbReddin, KeithDoyle
Life and Times of Renoir, TheAnderson, JaniceDoyle
Life Before Birth: The Story of the First Nine MonthsParker, StephenDoyle
Life in the Fat LaneBennett, Cherie813 B471liUIUC
Life is FunnyFrank, E.R.Doyle
Life of JesusRenan, ErnestBT301 .R38 1955LS:Religious
Life Without FriendsWhite, Ellen Emerson813 W583lwUIUC
Life: How Did It Get Here?Doyle
Light in the AtticSilverstein, Shel811 S587liQCLS:Social
Lightening BugHarington, DonaldDoyle
Like Sisters on the HomefrontWilliamsGarcia, Rita813 W726shDoyle
Like Water for ChocolateEsquivel, LauraPQ7298.15.S638 .C6613Doyle
LilyBonner, Cindy813 B716iyDoyle
Lily's CrossingGiff, Patricia Reilly813 G456crUIUC
Lily's GhostsRuby, Laura813 R897lgDoyle
Limerick: 1700 Examples with Notes, Variants and IndexLegman, Gershon, ed.Doyle
Limericks: Historical and HystericalBillington, RayDoyle
Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeLewis, C.S.PR6023.E926 L5 1950823 L673lwQCDoyle
Listeners, ThePike, ChristopherDoyle
Literary Experience, TheBeiderwell, Bruce, and Jeffrey M. Wheeler, eds.Doyle
Literature and Society: Introduction to Fiction, Poetry and DramaAnnas, Pamela and Robert RosenDoyle
Literature of the SupernaturalBeck, Robert E., ed.Doyle
Literature: Introduction to Fiction, Poetry and DramaKennedy, X.J.Doyle
Little Big ManBerger, ThomasPS3552.E719 L5Doyle
Little Black SamboBannerman, Helen028.5 B219liLS:Social
Little BrotherDoctorow, Cory813 D637lbBCOB 14-15
Little ChicagoRapp, Adam813 R221lcUIUC
Little Egg Pardi, Francesca, and Tullio F. Altan ---BCOB 15-16
Little House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls813 W673ljQCLS:Social
Little Mermaid, TheAndersen, Hans Christian398.2 A544lmDoyle
Little Red Riding HoodGrimm, Jacob463.982 L778liLS:Social
Little WomenAlcott, Louisa MayPS1017 .L57 1968813 A355lwQCUIUC
Live from GolgothaVidal, GorePS3543.I26 L58 1992Doyle
Living Bible, TheBower, William C.BS511 .B63Doyle
Living Dead GirlScott, Elizabeth813 S425lgDoyle
Living LawMcKay, SusanDoyle
Living RoomJordan, JuneDoyle
Living TodayOppenheim, IreneDoyle
Liza Lou & the Yellow Belly SwampMayer, MercerDoyle
LochZindel, Paul813 Z77lo Doyle
Locked InsideWerlin, NancyUIUC
Lockie Leonard, ScumbusterWinton, TimUIUC
LolitaNabokov, VladimirPS3527.A15 L6LS:Sexual
Lonely Girl, TheO'Brien, EdnaPBK O13.1 ctDoyle
Lonely Lady, TheRobbins, HaroldDoyle
Long Live the QueenWhite, Ellen EmersonDoyle
Long Night of Leo and BreeWittlinger, EllenUIUC
Long Secret, TheFitzhugh, Louise813 F555se 2001Doyle
Long Way GoneBeah, IshmaelDT516.828.B43 A3 2007NCTE
Long, Hard Road Out of Hell, TheManson, MarilynDoyle
Longarm in Virginia CityEvans, TaborDoyle
Look at the PeopleCasey, BernieDoyle
Look for Me by MoonlightHahn, Mary DowningUIUC
Looking for AlaskaGreen, John813 G796laDoyle
Lorax, TheSeuss, Dr.028.5 S496xDoyle
Lord is My Shepard and He Knows I'm Gay, ThePerry, TroyBR1725.P45 A3Doyle
Lord LossShakespeare, WilliamDoyle
Lord LossShan, DarrenNCTE
Lord of the FliesGolding, WilliamPR6013.O35 L6LS:Social
Lord of the RingsTolkien, J.R.R.PR6039.O32 L6Doyle
Lords of Discipline, TheConroy, PatPS3553.O5198 L6Doyle
LoserSpinelli, Jerry813 S757lUIUC
Losing LouisaCaseley, Judith813 C337loUIUC
Lost Flower ChildrenLisle, Janet Taylor813 L771fcQCUIUC
Lost Mind, ThePike, ChristopherDoyle
Lottery, TheJackson, ShirleyPS3519.A392 L6Doyle
Love Among the WalnutsFerris, JeanUIUC
Love and Other Four Letter WordsMackler, Carolyn813 M158loDoyle
Love and Sex and Growing UpJohnson, Eric W.Doyle
Love and Sex in Plain LanguageJohnson, Eric W.HQ35 .J56 1973Doyle
Love Between MenIsensee, RickDoyle
Love Girl and the InnocentSolzhenitsyn, Aleksandr IsayevichPG3488.O4 L6 1969bDoyle
Love in the Time of CholeraGarciaMarquez, GabrielCASADoyle
Love is Not EnoughLevy, MarilynUIUC
Love is One of the ChoicesKlein, NormaDoyle
Love LessonsWilson, Jacqueline---BCOB 16-17
Love Me SailorClose, Robert S.Doyle
Lovely BonesSebold, AlicePBK S443 loDoyle
Lovers and GamblersCollins, JackieDoyle
Lovers' Guide, theStanway, AndrewDoyle
Loves Me, Loves Me NotBernardo, AniluUIUC
Lovingly AliceNaylor, Phyllis ReynoldsBCOB 1112
Lu Lu and the Witch BabyO'Connor, JaneDoyle
LucasBrooks, Kevin823 B873luUIUC
LucyKincaid, JamaicaDoyle
Lucy PealeRodowsky, Colby813 R695pUIUC
Lucy the GiantSmith, Sherri L.813 S659lgUIUC
Lunch PoemsO'Hara, FrankDoyle
Lustful Turk, TheLS:Sexual
Luv Ya BunchesMyracle, LaurenNCTE
LyddiePaterson, Katherine813 P296ddUIUC
Lynda Madaras Talks to Teens about AIDS: An Essential Guide for Parents, Teachers & Yong PeopleMadaras, LyndaDoyle
LysistrataAristophanesPA3877 .L8Doyle