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Banned and Challenged Books: Titles M

Titles M

Title Author Malpass Call # Curr Call # Other loc Source
Madame Bovary Flaubert, Gustave PQ2246.M     LS:Sexual
Madeleine: an Autobiography         LS:Sexual
Mademoiselle de Maupin Gautier, Theophile PQ2258 .M3 1966a     LS:Sexual
Madhorubhagan = One Part Woman Murugan, Perumal       BCOB 14-15
Madonna Unauthorized Anderson, Christopher       Doyle
Magi, The Kroeker, Gary       Doyle
Magic Grandfather, The Williams, Jay       Doyle
Magic of Sex, The Stoppard, Miriam       Doyle
Magician, The Stein, Sol       Doyle
Magician's Nephew Lewis, C.S.   823 L673mn QC UIUC
Magick in Theory and Practice Crowley, Aleister       Doyle
Maid of Orleans Voltaire, Francois M.       LS:Sexual
Make a Joyful Sound Slier, Deborah, ed.       Doyle
Make Lemonade Wolff, Virginia Euwer   813 W856ma   UIUC
Making Life Choices: Health Skills and Concepts Sizer, Frances Sienkiewicz, et al.       Doyle
Making of Dr. Truelove Barnes, Derrick       Doyle
Male and Female Under 18 Larrick, Nancy and Eve Merriam       Doyle
Male Couple's Guide to Living Together: What Gay Men Should Know About Living with Each Other and Coping in a Straight World Marcus, Eric       Doyle
Mammoth Hunters, The Auel, Jean M. PS3551.U36 M3 1985     Doyle
Man and Superman Shaw, George Bernard       Doyle
Man Died: Prison Notes of Wole Soyinka, The Soyinka, Wole       LS:Political
Man to Man Silverstein, Charles HQ76.3.U5 S57 1981     Doyle
Man Without a Face Holland, Isabelle       UIUC
Man, Myth and Magic: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology, Religion and the Unknown Cavendish, Richard, ed.       Doyle
Manchild in the Promised Land Brown, Claude E185.97.B86 A3 1965     LS:Social
Manet Manet, Edouard N6853.M233 A4 1983     Doyle
Manga: 60 Years of Japanese Comics Gravett, Paul       Doyle
Maniac Magee Spinelli, Jerry   813 S757mm QC UIUC
Man's Body: An Owner's Manual Diagram Group       Doyle
Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media Chomsky, Noam and Edward S. Herman P95.82.U6 H47 1988     Doyle
Many Faces of AntiSemitism, The Salomon, George, and Feitelson, Rose       Doyle
Many Stones Coman, Carolyn   813 C728ms   UIUC
Many Waters L'Engle, Madeleine   813 L566mw   Doyle
Mapplethorpe Mapplethorpe, Robert       Doyle
Marijuana Stwertka, Eve and Albert       Doyle
Marijuana Grower's Guide Frank, Mel and Ed Rosenthal       Doyle
Marisha II         Doyle
Marked by Fire Thomas, Joyce Carol       UIUC
Marketing Management: Text and Cases Dalrymple, Douglas J. and Leonard J. Parsons HF5415.13 .D32     Doyle
Marlene Dietrich Martin, W.K.       Doyle
Marriage of Figaro Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de PQ1956 .A6313 1964     Doyle
Married and Single Life Riker, Audrey Palm and Holly Brisbane       Doyle
Married Life Riker, Audrey Palm, and Holly E. Brisbane       Doyle
Married Love Stone, Tanya Lee -   QC Doyle
Married Love Stopes, Marie HQ734 .S887 1931     LS:Social
Martian Chronicles, The Bradbury, Ray   813 B798mc   Doyle
Martina Navratilova Zwerman, Gilda       Doyle
Marvin Redpost: Is He a Girl? Sachar, Louis   813 S121th   Doyle
Marxism versus socialism Simkhovitch, Vladimir G.       LS:Political
Mary and Human Liberation Balasuriya, Tissa       LS:Religious
Masquerade Shreve, Susan       Doyle
Master and Margarita Bulgakov, Mikhail       UIUC
Master Harold and the Boys Fugard, Athol PR9369.3.F8 M3 1982     Doyle
Mastering Multiple Position Sex Garrison, Eric Marlowe       Doyle
Matarese Circle, The Ludlum, Robert       Doyle
Matilda Dahl, Roald   823 D131ma   Doyle
Maurice Forster, E.M.       Doyle
Maxfield Parrish Ludwig, Coy L. NC975.5.P37 L82     Doyle
Me, Penelope JahnClough, Lisa   813 J25mp   Doyle
Meditations on First Philosophy Descartes, René B1853.E5     LS:Religious
Meet the Werewolf McHargue, Georgess       Doyle
Mein Kampf Hitler, Adolf DD247.H5 A322     LS:Political
Member of the Wedding McCullers, Carson PS3525.A1772 M5 1951     Doyle
Memoires (History of My Life) Casanova de Seingalt       LS:Sexual
Memoirs of a Young Rakehill Apollinaire, Guillaume       LS:Sexual
Memoirs of Hecate County Wilson, Edmund PS3545.I6245 M4     LS:Sexual
Memory Mahy, Margaret   823 M216m   UIUC
Men and Nations Halle, Louis J. B945.H263 M4     Doyle
Men and Women Sweedloff, Peter       Doyle
Men in Love Friday, Nancy       Doyle
Merchant of Venice, The Shakespeare, Wililam PR2825.A2 M34 1987     Doyle
Meritorious Price of Our Redemption, The Pynchon, Wililam       LS:Religious
Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary Merriam Webster Editorial Staff REF. PE1628 .M36 2003 REF. 423 W377cd   BCOB 0607
Merry Muses of Caledonia Burns, Robert       LS:Sexual
Message to Aztlan Gonzalez, Rodolfo Corky       NCTE
Metaphysics Aristotle B434.A5     LS:Religious
Metrication, American Style Izzi, John     QC Doyle
MexicanAmerican Heritage, The Jimenez, Carlos M.       Doyle
Meyebela: My Bengali Girlhood Nasrin, Taslima       LS:Religious
Mick Lynch, Chris   813 L987mi   UIUC
Mick Harte Was Here Park, Barbara   813 P235m QC Doyle
The Middle School Survival Guide Erlbach, Arlene       Doyle
Midnight Club, The Pike, Christopher       Doyle
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Berendt, John PBK B488 mi     Doyle
Midsummer Night Madness and Other Stories O'Faolain, Sean       Doyle
Midwife's Apprentice Cushman, Karen   813 C986ma QC Doyle
Milagro Beanfield War, The Nichols, John PS3564.I274 M5     Doyle
Miles' Song McGill, Alice   813 M145ms   UIUC
Milk and Honey Kellerman, Faye       Doyle
Millicent's Gift Rinaldi, Ann   813 R578mg   UIUC
Minpins, The Dahl, Roald   028.5 D131mi   Doyle
Miracle's Boys Woodson, Jacqueline   813 W898mi QC UIUC
Mirandy and Brother Wind McKissack, Patricia   028.5 M158mi   Doyle
Miriam's Well Ruby, Lois   813 R897mi   UIUC
Miseducation of Cameron Post, The Danforth, Emily M.       BCOB 14-15
Miserable Mill Snicket, Lemony   813 S672mm   UIUC
Misérables, Les Hugo, Victor PQ2286.A     LS:Political
Miss America Stern, Howard       Doyle
Miss Flora McFlimsey's Easter Bonnet Marianna       Doyle
Missing Pieces Mazer, Norma Fox       UIUC
Missing the Piano Rapp, Adam       UIUC
Mission Earth Hubbard, L. Ron     QC Doyle
Mississippi Bridge Taylor, Mildred D.   813 T244mi   Doyle
Mississippi Trial, 1955 Crowe, Chris       UIUC
Mississippi: Conflict and Change Loewen, James W. and Charles Sallis, eds.       Doyle
Mistral's Daughter Krantz, Judith       Doyle
Moby Dick Melville, Herman PS2384 .M6 1962     Doyle
Modern Critical Views: James Baldwin Bloom, Harold, ed.       Doyle
Moffats Estes, Eleanor       UIUC
Moll Flanders Defoe, Daniel PR3404     LS:Sexual
Mom, the Wolf Man and Me Klein, Norma   813 K64m   Doyle
Mommy Laid An Egg Cole, Babette   649 C689me   Doyle
Money Hungry Flake, Sharon G.       UIUC
Monologues: Women II Grumbach, Jane and Robert Emerson, eds       Doyle
Monster Myers, Walter Dean   813 M996mr QC UIUC
Monsters Dramer, Dan       Doyle
Montana 1948 Watson, Larry PS3573.A853 M66 1993     BCOB 1112
Month and a Day: a Detention Diary SaroWiwa, Ken HV9865.5.S37 A3 1995     LS:Political
Monument Paulsen, Gary   813 P332mo QC UIUC
Moon of Two Dark Horses Keehn, Sally M.     WC UIUC
Moonlight Man Fox, Paula   813 F793m   UIUC
More Joy of Sex Comfort, Alex and Jane Comfort       Doyle
More Perfect Union: Why Straight America Must Stand Up for Gay Rights, A Mohr, Richard D.       Doyle
More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Schwartz, Alvin       Doyle
More Tales for the Midnight Hour Stamper, J.P.       Doyle
More Tales to Chill Your Bones Schwartz, Alvin       Doyle
Morris Micklewhite & the Tangerine Dress Baldacchino, Christine - - - BCOB 16-17
Morris, the Moose Wiseman, B.   028.5 W814mo   UIUC
Mosquitoes Faulkner, William PS3511.A86 M6 1927     Doyle
Most Dangerous Game Connell, Richard PS3505.O48135 M67 1990     BCOB 1213
Mostly Michael Smith, Robert Kimmell       Doyle
Mother Goose: Old Nursery Rhymes         LS:Social
Moves Make the Man Brooks, Bruce   813 B873mm QC Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones Head, Ann PS3558.E23 M5     UIUC
Mr. Popper's Penguins Atwater, Richard   813 A887mr QC UIUC
Mr. Wheatfield's Loft Cusack, Isabel       Doyle
Mrs. Eddy Dakin, Edwin BX6995 .D3 1930     Doyle
Mrs. Warren's Profession Shaw, George Bernard       Doyle
Murder in the Carolinas Rhyne, Nancy       Doyle
Music of Summer, The Guy, Rosa       Doyle
Muslim Women and the challenges of Islamic Extremism Othman, Norani, ed.       BCOB 1213
My Brother Has AIDS Davis, Deborah   813 D261mb   Doyle
My Brother Sam is Dead Collier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier   813 C699my   LS:Political
My Brother's Hero Fogelin, Adrian   813 F655mb   Doyle
My Crooked Family Collier, James Lincoln       UIUC
My Darling, My Hamburger Zindel, Paul       Doyle
My Deep Dark Pain Is Love: A Collection of Latin American Gay Fiction Leyland, Winston, ed.       Doyle
My Father, the Nutcase Caseley, Judith       UIUC
My Father's Scar Cart, Michael   813 C322sc   Doyle
My Friend Flicka O'Hara, Mary PS3537.T935 M9     Doyle
My Guy Weeks, Sarah   813 W396mg   UIUC
My Heartbeat FreymannWeyr, Garret   813 W549mh   Doyle
My House Giovanni, Nikki PS3557.I55 M9     LS:Social
My Life and Loves Harris, Frank PR4759.H37 Z5 1963     LS:Sexual
My Life as a Body Klein, Norma       Doyle
My Mom's Having a Baby Butler, Dori Hillestad   618.2 B985mb   BCOB 1112
My Name is Asher Lev Potok, Chaim     QC LS:Political
My People: The History of the Jews Eban, Abba       LS:Political
My Princess Boy: A Mom's Story about a Young Boy Who Loves to Dress Up Kilodavis, Cheryl - - QC BCOB 15-16
My Sister Annie Dodds, Bill   813 D642ms   UIUC
My Sister’s Keeper Picoult, Jodi PBK P599 my - QC Doyle
My Sweet Audrina Andrews, V.C.       Doyle
My Teacher Glows in the Dark Coville, Bruce       Doyle
My Teacher Is an Alien Coville, Bruce   813 C873my   Doyle
My World History Karpiel, Frank - - - BCOB 16-17
Mystery of the Secret Room Kushner, Ellen       Doyle
Mystery Ride Boswell, Robert       Doyle
Mystery Walk McCammon, Robert       Doyle