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Open Access Task Force: Task Force Documents

Introduction to Open Access, including information on publisher practices, definitions and other resources.

Task Force Documents

Explanation of Documents

Open Access Options for WIU Authors - this document ontains 2 spreadsheets on open access practices of journals that published articles by WIU authors in 2012. One is on costs, the other on the publisher's open access and self-archiving practices (whether authors could post pre- or post-prints to their web site or repository).

Survey of Gold Open Access Costs - this document is based on the bibliography of 2012 Authors that was compiled by the WIU Libraries (which is also available from the WIU Authors Database). Information on the potential cost of Gold Open Access fees for all journal articles was collected from publisher web sites. Journals from publishers for which Gold Open Access fees could not be found are listed at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Survey of WIU Peer (Comparator) Institutions - contains information on whether or not WIU Peer Institutions have open access policies, institutional repositories, an Open Access Fund (to pay Gold Open Access fees) and the URL of the repository (if available). This information was found by searching the institution name and applicable terms (repository, open access, etc.) and by contacting librarians at those institutions.

Task Force Checklist - contains the text of the law divided into issues that have to be addressed. It includes information on work that has been accomplished and possible sources of additional information, including Bibliographies that have been developed on issues to be addressed.