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Open Access Task Force: Copyright & Mandates

Introduction to Open Access, including information on publisher practices, definitions and other resources.

Copyright & Mandates

The following articles on copyright and open access mandates were found using WIU's Westlaw Campus Research database. Many of these articles are openly accessible in institutional repositories or openly accessible from the journal.

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Search Terms: "Open Access" AND "Scholarly Publish!" AND copyright!

All articles accessed February 4, 2014.

Links to Useful Resources

Science Commons Copyright Addendum Engine - can be used to generate a PDF form that authors can attach to a journal publisher's copyright agreement so that they can retain rights, such as the right to create derivative works and reproduce, distribute, perform or display a creative or scholarly work.

SPARC Author's Addendum - a document that can be used to modify the publisher's agreement so that authors can retain rights to their articles.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Author Addendum - an addendum developed by MIT that reflects the requirements under their open access policy.

Western Illinois University Intellectual Property Regulations - can be found in Section II, Subsection A, Part. 17 of the WIU Board of Trustees Regulations.