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GH 101: Social Class Literature (Helwig): Source Types

Scholarly articles


Scholarly articles are primarily intended for an academic audience and are typically published by an academic press. These articles report original research or provide in-depth analysis on a particular topic. Often, these publications are peer-reviewed, or screened by experts in the field.

More types of articles

Four periodical categories

  1. Scholarly or research-oriented
  2. Professional, trade or industry
  3. News or opinion
  4. Popular


  1. PMLA, The Journal of American History
  2. American Libraries, Advertising Age
  3. New York Times, Chicago Tribune
  4. Time, Newsweek

Popular articles

Artis struisvogel leest krant van oppasser / Ostrich reads newspaper of caretaker

The categories at the left are somewhat fluid. Popular articles are sometimes included in the same category as news and opinion. Both kinds are intended for a general audience and are meant to inform or entertain. They are typically written by professional staff writers or freelancers.

More information

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