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HIST 488: Gun Rights and Laws - History of the Second Amendment (Roberts): Home

Welcome to Malpass Library


Hello, and welcome to Malpass Library! I have prepared this guide to supplement the information that I will share in our library session. In the session, you will learn about the different resources you can use for your research paper. You will learn how to search for and identify both primary and secondary sources in library databases, indexes, and catalogs. I encourage you to contact me if you have suggestions. My contact information is in the box to the right. Happy searching!


Session Objectives

By the end of this library session, you will:

  1. Use article and databases and library catalogs to find primary and secondary sources
  2. Be able to identify legal cases pertaining to the second amendment
  3. Search for law review articles on second amendment issues
  4. Know who to contact and where to go if you need help with your research

Library Contact