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Online Privacy: Social Media

Your Social Media Profile

Most of us understand that when we enter personal information into a social media profile, people inside and sometimes outside our social network have access to pictures, posts, and personal data. 

While sharing is what makes social media fun, sharing too much can lead to unintended consequences. To be social media savvy, make sure you: 

  • Lock down your privacy settings
  • Don't provide too much personal information
  • Be mindful of what you share and with whom

Potential Concerns

Identity Theft

You may consider providing limited or fake information when creating a profile. Photos and other sensitive material have been stolen from social media sites, as well. 


Did you know that 63% of Facebook profiles are visible to the public and show up in Google results? Public or semi-public profiles make it easier for stalking to occur. 

Unintentional Fame

Imagine that a video you intended to share with only family and friends goes viral...


Did you know that one in five potential employers screens applicants by checking out their social media profile? Current employers have been known to keep tabs on their employees via social media, as well.