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Library Catalog: Field Search

This guide will introduce you to the library catalog, what they are, how they came to be, how they have changed, and how to use them to perform basic and advanced searches by title, author, subject heading, and keywords that search every record area.

About Field Searching

Field searching can be particularly useful when you know specific information about an item, like who wrote it (author), or what an item is called (book, DVD, journal or magazine, title). Author searches will return a list of all the books by a certain author, and a title search will give you all items with the search words in the title.

Dissecting Field Searching for a Quick Search

When doing a Quick Search results can be narrowed down by selecting a search criteria (e.g. Title) under Search by.  It's best to know what your looking for when searching with a search criteria.

The figure below shows how book information relates to field searching, each book has a description that follow this criteria.