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Library Catalog: Locating Library Items

This guide will introduce you to the library catalog, what they are, how they came to be, how they have changed, and how to use them to perform basic and advanced searches by title, author, subject heading, and keywords that search every record area.

After you have completed a search in the catalog, you need to know how to locate your materials within the library.

1. You should have located your item through the catalog and found the record.


Catalog Results

Important details for locating the item:

  • Location: Where is the item in the library (e.g. main collection, reserves, reference, etc.) and what library the item is at.
  • Call Number: Acts like the address for the book (e.g. DA772 .R72 1884 19712r) this number is found on the spine of the book or somewhere on the item.
  • Status: Must say Available to check out. Status may say Checked Out, a hold may be requested.


**Locate the call number in the record and take note of this (or use the "Text Me" feature)**


2. Here's a library book location map.

Screen shot of library book location map

Look at the call number column on the left and notice the floors listed to the right. This is the floor in the library where your book is located.


Click here for a printable version of the map








Picture of the end caps of the library stacks.


3. After you've gone to the floor where your book is located...follow the stacks around the floor by reading the letters and numbers on each end cap. These are part of the the library of congress classification system.


picture of book shelf endcap identifiersThis plaque will be found at the end of each section of shelving, the range of call numbers on the left side is for books on that side of the book shelf. The call number DA 772 .R72 1884 1971r v.1 falls between the two call numbers below. The 772 in the call number is between 670 and 1051, the numbers will be in numerical order on the shelf from left to right and top to bottom, when you see books in the 700's you'll know your close. There may be multipule books with 772 in the call number within the DA section, the third set (e.g. .R72) with further narrow down the books location.


4. Locate your book within the stacks by reading the call number.

Picture of books and a zoom of the call number