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Using Databases: Getting to the Databases

This guide will introduce you to the library Databases at WIU. You will find out what we subscribe to and where they are located. It is intended to provide information for scholarly research and to supplement classroom learning.

Accessing Databases

There are multiple ways to get to the databases. From the WIU homepage, click "Libraries". The best way is probably to go through the Databases tab. This tab will give you a list of all the databases that we have. The most commonly used options are:

  • Browse by Title: Select the database you wish to use.
  • View All: Click "View All" or "A" through "Z" for databases that begin with that letter.
  • Browse By Subject: Select a subject to find databases tailored to your subject.
  • Popular starting points: These are the databases that contain articles on a range of topics and course subjects.

NOTE: The Articles / Databases tab is not intended to search for topics, it is for navigating to the databases to search for topics.


Accessing databases off campus

When you are off campus you will need to show you have permission by signing in with your Ecom and Password.