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Using Databases: Saving the Articles

This guide will introduce you to the library Databases at WIU. You will find out what we subscribe to and where they are located. It is intended to provide information for scholarly research and to supplement classroom learning.

How Do I Save Articles and Citations?

All databases will provide some way to save your work, at the very least the citation. Often the full article and citation may be saved. The tools to do this are usually found on the list of search results, or inside the record of the item you are viewing. At the most basic level you can generally perform the following save functions:

Full Text Citations
  • Download a PDF
  • Email a HTML Full Text or PDF
  • Print a HTML Full Text or PDF
  • Send Full Text or PDF to Google Drive
  • Email the citation information
  • Print the citation information
  •  Cut and paste citation information
  • Export information to an external tool.

What else can I save?

As tools get more powerful, there are more possibilities to track and management your research content. 

Why is this important?

Writing an excellent research paper, requires proper management of data you collect. Having all the articles in one place will allow you to easily cite your sources and collaborate more effectively in group projects.

Where are the full-text documents?

You can find the full-text html or PDF in two place: One place is under the information for each item in the result list. The other is on the items page. Here are two examples of how the downloads look on the result list. 

Tools for saving citations

The database will give you a number of tools for saving and managing your content. You can usually find these tools below the individual results, or inside the full page of the item.These tools include downloading full text, printing the content, and saving the citation along other functions.