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BC 302: Broadcast Research and Writing II (JP Stierman): Reference Sources

Sage Reference Online

The University Libraries provides access to a wide variety of Sage Reference titles online. Find the collection under Sage (Subject Encylodpedias) in the University Libraries' list of databases. The History section includes the Encyclopedia American Urban History. The Politics & International Relations section includes: Encyclopedia of Homelessness, Encyclopedia of Politics: The Left and the Right, and Encyclopedia of Governance.

  • Encyclopedia of American Urban History (Sage)
  • Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World (Sage)
  • Encyclopedia of Environement and Society (Sage)
  • Encyclopedia of Governance (Sage)
  • The Social History of Crime and Justice (Sage)


  • American Decades (REF E 169.1 A42 (Twentieth Century)
  • American Decades Primary Sources (REF E 169.1 A425) (Twentieth Century)
  • American Eras (REF E 169.1 .A47)

Specialized Encyclopedias--US & Latin American History

American Reconstruction: 1862-1877  (REF/E/668/R53)
The Cold War  (REF/D/839.5/C65)
The Cold War: The New York Times Twentieth Century in Review (REF/D/843/C57724)
The Crusades: An Encyclopedia (REF/D155/C78)
Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History  (REF/E/185/E54)
Encyclopedia of American Economic History  (REF/HC/103/E52)
Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy  (REF/E/183.7/E52)
Encyclopedia of American Political History  (REF/E/183/E5)
Encyclopedia of American Social History  (REF/HN/57/E58)
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture  (REF/F/1406/E53)
Encyclopedia of Mexico: History, Society, and Culture  (REF/F/1210/E63)
Encyclopedia of Southern Culture  (REF/F/209/E53)
Encyclopedia of the American Civil War (REF/E/468/H47)
Encyclopedia of the American Military  (REF/UA/23/E56)
Encyclopedia of the American Presidency  (REF/JK/511/E53)
Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience  (REF/BL/2525/E53)
Encyclopedia of the American West  (REF/F/591/E485))
Encyclopedia of the Confederacy  (REF/E/487/E55)
Encyclopedia of the New American Nation, 1754-1829 (REF/E/301/E53)
Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies  (REF/E/45/E53)
Encyclopedia of the United States in the Twentieth Century  (REF/E/740.7/E53)
Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations  (REF/E/183.7/E53)
Encyclopedia of the War of 1812  (REF/E/354/H46)
The New Encyclopedia of American Scandal (REF/E/179/N53)
Reader's Guide to American History  (REF/E/178/R43)
The United States and Mexico at War  (REF/E/404/U66)