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CQ Researcher: CQ Researcher Database

About CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher publishes four 12,000 word articles per month on a variety of controversial topics. Each article presents summary, overview, background, current situation, projections, charts or graphs, chronology, pro/con debate,bibliography and contact information for further research. The reports are notable for their solid content and editorial balance. Some recent subjects have been shock jocks, gun violence, fair trade labeling, urban schools and CEO pay.

Coverage: single-themed, 12,000-word reports (background, stats, assessment, biblio.)
Years: 1923-
Topics: health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, environment, technology, economy
Scholarly Articles? selected
Fulltext Articles? Yes
Off-campus Access: Yes
Persistent Article Links?Unavailable
Vendor/Publisher: CQ Press

The Reports

CQ Researcher is arranged by topic. When you do a search you will likely see a broad topic, with related subtopics (Agriculture--> Biofuels). All topics/sub-topics have a report associated with it. They are all based on a common structure, and have the same organization, sections, and related information.

The opening section, or "Overview," introduces the issue under consideration and poses one or more questions such as, "Should minors who commit adult crimes be tried as adults?" or "Is a liberal arts education the best way to prepare for the workplace?" The report then offers a "Background," which provides a history of the issue, including pertinent policy and legal decisions.

Under the heading "Current Situation," the report provides a snapshot of the issue at the time of publication and, in "Outlook," the report's writer offers a projection of what the future may bring. The "Pro/Con" section brings together statements from representatives of opposing positions on the issue. To offer yet other perspectives, the report includes a "Special Focus" sidebar on other dimensions of the issue. The "Chronology" section offers a list of key events in the issue's history.

To jump to a particular section (chronology, bibliography, pro/con, etc) click on one of those headings at the left of the screen.