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HIST 300: Urban America: Home

Clio: The Muse of History


  • generate a research question based on your city and theme
  • become familiar with standard information retrieval tools in US urban history generally, your city in specific
  • execute effective and efficient search strategies
  • retrieve the full-text of desired bilbiographic items
  • manage bibliographic & online content with My Ebsco Host, MyJSTOR, Zotero, Delicious, etc.



  Your charge is to research and write two essays (5-7 pages each) on the history of an American city. Each essay will focus on one of the following four themes: politics/government, architecture/environment, commerce/labor, or social/cultural. You must use a minimum of five unique sources for each paper. Three of the five must be from published sources: books, magazines, journal articles, government publications, etc.

 Remember that this course and assignment are intended to focus on Urban American History. You can talk about, say, racism in Detroit but always connect it to the development of the city.

Subject Guide