HM 453: Lodging Systems Management: Introduction

The Competition

The Assignment: Environmental Analysis Exercise

For this class, you are learning about "The Value Adding Manager." One way to learn is by example. You may want to browse through the these completed examples on the WWW. The "case analysis examples" are located on the left sidebar. The project is a series of projects that all ask for information.

Confusion can be Beneficial for Learning

Working through this state of mind helps people learn more deeply, psychological research finds.

Confusion isn’t necessarily a sign that it’s time to give up on learning.

According to a recent study, it could be mean you will learn more effectively.

Bewilderment might be the first step in successful learning, rather than a sign that it’s all shot over your head.

The research found that students who experienced confusion when learning complex ideas, actually applied them better later on.

In the study, one group of students were taught a new concept in the usual way: by having it laid out correctly and clearly.

Another group, though, were given conflicting information and were motivated to try and work out what was true.

Students who worked their way through the confusion learned better than those who were served it up on a plate, the results showed.


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