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Back to Books - Nursing Resources for a Rural Academic Library: Nursing Resources for a Rural Academic Library

The Process

The Process:

Back to Books is a collection development grant offering to libraries for the acquisition of books and other materials. Grant awards range from 2,500 up to $5,000 per library agency. 100% of the grant funds must be spent on materials. Purchases may include fiction and/or non-fiction books in appropriate languages and reading levels. Acceptable formats and materials include: Books Large print books Audio books Graphic novels Educational CDs or DVDs  Grants will be awarded using LSTA funds provided to the State Library by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Awarded grant funds will be released upon execution of the contract. Contracts are expected to begin May 1 allowing the grantee to issue purchase orders, obligate and disburse grant funds May 1 through September 30, 2013. By September 30, 2013, all grant funds must be paid out or encumbered (obligated). If not, any remaining funds (not obligated or not disbursed) at September 30, must be refunded to the State Library within 45 days. Awarding of LSTA funding does not obligate the State Library to provide any additional or future funding for extensions or continuation of the project. Funds are awarded to the agency on behalf of the participating libraries within that agency.

Abstract: Western Illinois University is a rural public institution of higher education located in Macomb, Illinois. The nursing program is relatively new. The students work with a minimal nursing collection due to the limited funds for collection development. This grant would purchase current nursing monographs and audiovisual materials to expand and improve our collection to meet the academic research needs of our students & faculty as well as offer a robust nursing collection for resource sharing throughout the state.

We received $5000.00 in grant funds.  All funds were spent in the purchase of 86 books with the focus on many subject areas found in the nursing curriculum. Upon investigation other departments will find materials that could be of academical/scholarly use.

Health Sciences/Science Librarian