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Citing Bibliographic Sources: MLA: Books/Chapters

The Recommended Style Manual for English Majors


Basic Book Styles

One Author

Buchanan, Rebekah J. Writing a Riot: Riot Grrrl Zines and Feminist Rhetorics. Peter Lang, 2018.           

Two Authors

George, Binto, and Gail Carmichael. Artificial Intelligence Simplified: Understanding Basic Concepts. CSTrends, 2021.

More Than Two Authors

Delany-Barmann, Gloria, et al.  Aportes Desde la Interculturalidad: Múltiples Miradas Acerca de las Clases CEI. Plan Ceibal, 2019.

Edited Book

Winnie, Brian J., editor. The Choral Conductor’s Companion: 100 Rehearsal Techniques, Imaginative Ideas, Quotes, and Facts. GIA Publications, 2020.

Edition Other Than First

Bruen, Aiden A., et al. Cryptography, Information Theory, and Error-Correction: A Handbook for the 21st Century. 2nd ed., Wiley & Sons, 2021.


Brice, Lee L., editor. New Approaches to Greek and Roman Warfare. E-book ed., Wiley & Sons, 2020.

Book Chapters & Reference Entries

Chapter from an Edited Book

Malachuk, Daniel S.  "Romanticism and Democracy." Handbook of Romanticism, edited by Philipp Löffler et al., Boston de Gruyter, 2021, pp. 143-162.

Signed Encyclopedia Article

Cole, Peter. “Industrial Workers of the World.” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History, edited by Jon Butler. Oxford University Press, 19 Nov. 2020,

            Unsigned Online Encyclopedia Article

"Dolores Huerta." Wikipedia, 14 July 2022, Accessed 20 July 2022.

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