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Citing Bibliographic Sources: MLA: Web/Media/Other

The Recommended Style Manual for English Majors

Online Tips

Tips for Citing Online Sources
  • Include a DOI or URL if there is one. Don’t include both. DOI is preferred.
  • Date of access is optional. It is usually included if there is no production or publication date or if the work is likely to be revised or removed.
  • When the author and website are the same, only use the author spot.

Web Pages

Basic Web Examples

Blog Post

White, Alisha M., and Bill White. “The Portrayal of Addiction Recovery in American Comic Books and Graphic Novels: Part 2.” William White Papers Blog & New Postings, 21 Jan. 2022, Accessed 19 July 2022.

Website or Web Page

Carr, Amy. “On Star Trek and Saving the Planet: Messianic Miracles in a New Key.” Lutherans Restoring Creation, 2021,

Media Examples

Audiovisual Media

(see pp. 326-331 for more examples, since there are many possibilities)

Music Recording

Caldwell, James. Pocket Music: Concréte Miniatures 1998-2020. Neuma Records, 2021. CD.

Podcast Episode

“Episode #18: Dr. William "Buzz" Hoon.” The ‘Necks Chapter, WIU College of Fine Arts and Communication, 10 July 2022,

Spoken Word Recording

Townsend Riley, Kwyn. And She Worthy: A Poetry Album. Performed by Kwyn Townsend Riley, DistroKid, 2021,

Music via YouTube

Skoryk, Myroslav. “Toccata.” Performed by pianist Diana Chubak, YouTube, uploaded by Ukrainian Live Classic, 30 Apr. 2019,

Wait, There's More

Legal & Government Publications
MLA uses pretty standard formats for citing court decisions, statutes, agency reports, and other legislative documents. See pages 343-346 for a variety of examples.

Social Media
Citations follow similar patterns, with name/username, title/post, platform, date, and URL.  See pages 326-7 for specific examples. If you just used social media to find other content, cite the content itself rather than what you used to find it.