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Census 2020: Introduction

Information on why the Census is taken and how Census data can be used.

Privacy Concerns?

By law, responses to the Census must be kept confidential. Title 13 of the U.S. Code, states that the Census Bureau cannot release identifying information about people, households or businesses to anyone, including other government agencies and law enforcement. In fact, the Census Bureau cannot release the responses for 72 years. See the following resources for more information about Census privacy.

Census Bureau Public Service Announcements


This guide provides information on the Census, especially the 2020 Census, which will be conducted in Spring. The site provides links to information about the Census, how Census data is used and how people can respond. For more information, or to suggest a link, contact the author.

How Will It Work?

Look for a Letter - Between March 12 and March 20, each residence will receive a letter inviting them to respond to the Census online. They will receive additional reminders of they do not respond. Between April 8 and April 16, a paper questionnaire will be sent to residences. If no response is received, a person will visit to follow up.

Online, In Print, In Person - The Census can be answered online, over the phone, or on a print form. If you do not answer, a Census taker will come to your residence.

No Computer / Internet Access? - If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, visit the WIU Library or the Macomb Public Library. Anyone can access the Internet from one of these libraries. If you need help logging into the computer, ask at the Reference Desk or come to the 4th Floor of Malpass Library.

Note: Parking services will not ticket the lots near Malpass Library during Spring Break, and Friday, March 20 and 27 and April 3. Parking is also free weekdays after 5:00 P.M and on weekends.

Who Should be Counted? - Everyone Counts! If you share a residence off-campus, ONE person should answer for all of the people living in the residence so that everyone living there is counted. Everyone should be included, U.S. Citizens, foreign students, parents, children, grandchildren and grandparents.

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