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Choosing & Evaluating Journals, Publishers & Conferences: Affiliation with an Organization or Institution

This guide provides information on choosing and evaluating journals for possible publication.

Affiliation with an Organization or Institution

Does a journal say it is affiliated with an organization?

  • Most professional organizations maintain their own websites, which include information on their mission and scholarly activities, including the books and journals that they publish. Many of these organizations are included on the subject lists of the Scholarly Societies Project.
  • Search the name of the organization in quotation marks using an Internet search engine to see if they have a website. Check their website to see if they provide information about their mission, publications program and other educational activities.

NOTE OF CAUTION: Some disreputable publishers and journals state that their publication is affiliated with a scholarly organization. However, when the organization is searched on the Internet, the only information that can be found about the organization is the website of the disreputable publisher or journal.

Does a journal state that it is affiliated with a university?

  • Check the university’s web site. Does that university offer a major in that field? Just as some members of journal editorial boards may not have given permission for their name to be used, universities that are listed as affiliates may or may not have given permission for their name or logo to be used on that journal's web site.
  • If a university does not have a major in the journal's discipline, it may not have given permission for its name or logo to be used on the journal's web site.