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Banned and Challenged Books: Authors M

Authors M

TitleAuthorMalpass Call #Curr Call #Other locSource
SerpicoMaas, PeterHV7911.S4 M3--Doyle
Valachi Papers, TheMaas, PeterHV6789 .M29--Doyle
DiscoursesMachiavelli, NiccoloJC143 .M38 1950--Doyle
PrinceMachiavelli, NiccoloJC143.M--LS:Political
Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round ThingsMackler, Carolyn-813 M158eb-Doyle
Love and Other Four Letter WordsMackler, Carolyn-813 M158lo-Doyle
TangledMackler, Carolyn---BCOB 11-12
Vegan Virgin ValentineMackler, Carolyn-813 M158vv-Doyle
CalMacLaverty, Bernard ---BCOB 15-16
Lynda Madaras Talks to Teens about AIDS: An Essential Guide for Parents, Teachers & Yong PeopleMadaras, Lynda---Doyle
What’s Happening to my Body? Book for Girls: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents & DaughtersMadaras, Lynda and Area MadarasRJ144 .M3 1983--Doyle
What’s Happening to my Body? Book for Boys: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents & SonsMadaras, Lynda and Dane Saavedra1984---
Suicide's Wife, TheMadden, David---Doyle
Boy and the Devil, TheMagnus, Erica---Doyle
Good Night, Mr. TomMagorian, Michelle-823 M211gn-UIUC
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the WestMaguire, Gregory---Doyle
Thousand Pieces of Gold: My Discovery of China's Character in the History and Meaning of Its Proverbs, AMah, Adeline Yen---Doyle
Children of the AlleyMahfouz, Naguib---LS:Religious
Not Without My DaughterMahmoody, Betty---UK
MemoryMahy, Margaret-823 M216m-UIUC
Ancient EveningsMailer, Norman---Doyle
Deer Park, TheMailer, NormanPS3525.A4152 D44--LS:Sexual
Naked and the DeadMailer, NormanPS3525.A4152 N3--Doyle
Why Are We in Vietnam?Mailer, NormanPS3525.A4152 W49 1968--LS:Political
Guide of the Perplexed, TheMaimonidesBM545.D33 P5--LS:Religious
Blood Red OchreMajor, Kevin---UIUC
Far from ShoreMajor, Kevin---UIUC
Fixer, TheMalamud, BernardPS3563.A4 F5 1986--LS:Social
Autobiography of Malcolm XMalcolm XE185.97.L5 A3--LS:Social
Impact ZoneMaloney, Ray---Doyle
Le Morte D'ArthurMalory, Sir ThomasPR2043 .L8 1982--Doyle
Glory and the Dream, TheManchester, William RaymondE806 .M34--Doyle
Struggle is My Life, TheMandela, Nelson---LS:Political
Fable of the Bees, TheMandeville, BernardBJ1520 .M4 1924a--LS:Religious
Slim Down CampManes, Stephen---Doyle
ManetManet, EdouardN6853.M233 A4 1983--Doyle
Allah, Liberty, and LoveManji, Irshad---BCOB 12-13
Dog Day AfternoonMann, PatrickPS3545.A565 D6--LS:Social
Long, Hard Road Out of Hell, TheManson, Marilyn---Doyle
Devils and DemonsMaple, Eric---Doyle
MapplethorpeMapplethorpe, Robert---Doyle
TokyoMaraini, Fosco---Doyle
CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, TheMarchetti, Victor and John D. MarksJK468.I6 M37--LS:Political
Is It a Choice? Answers to Three Hundred of the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Gays and LesbiansMarcus, EricHQ76.3.U5 M35 1993-Doyle
Male Couple's Guide to Living Together: What Gay Men Should Know About Living with Each Other and Coping in a Straight WorldMarcus, Eric---Doyle
Heptameron (ou Histoires des Amans Fortunez)Marguerite d'Angouleme, Queen of Navarre---LS:Sexual
Miss Flora McFlimsey's Easter BonnetMarianna---Doyle
Human Anatomy and PhysiologyMariels, Elaine Nicpon---Doyle
Daughter of the Forest Marillier, Juliet---BCOB 15-16
120 Days of SodomMarquis de Sade---LS:Sexual
Darkness, Be My FriendMarsden, John-823 M364da-UIUC
Letters from the InsideMarsden, John-823 M364fi-Doyle
Corner of the UniverseMartin, Ann M.-813 M379cuQCUIUC
Raped Little Runaway, TheMartin,Jean---BCOB 16-17
Kurt CobainMartin, Michael---Doyle
Jewish Onslaught: Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront, TheMartin, Tony---Doyle
Marlene DietrichMartin, W.K.---Doyle
k.d. langMartinac, Paula---Doyle
Robert Mapplethorpe: The PhotographsMartineau, Paul---BCOB 16-17
500 Years of Chicago History in PicturesMartinez, Elizabeth---BCOB 11-12
CapitalMarx, KarlAC1.G7 V.50--Doyle
Communist ManifestoMarx, KarlHX276.L134--LS:Political
Kapital, DasMarx, KarlHB501 .M--LS:Political
German IdeologyMarx, Karl and Friedrich EngelsHX276 .M2782--Doyle
What Teenagers Want to Know about Sex: Questions and AnswersMasland, Robert P., Jr., and David Estridge, eds.---Doyle
In CountryMason, Bobbie Ann---Doyle
Spoon River AnthologyMasters, Edgar LeePS3525.A83 S5 1925--Doyle
War Within: a Novel of the Civil WarMatas, Carol---UIUC
Kaffir BoyMathabane, Mark---Doyle
Teacup Full of RosesMathis, Sharon Bell-813 M431tcQCUIUC
In the Spirit of Crazy HorseMatthiessen, Peter---LS:Political
Libro Negro de la Justicia Chilena, El = Black Book of Chilean JusticeMatus, Alejandra---LS:Political
New Baby Comes, AMay, Julian---Doyle
Liza Lou & the Yellow Belly SwampMayer, Mercer---Doyle
Special Trick, AMayer, Mercer---Doyle
Drowning AnnaMayfield, Sue---UIUC
What's Happening to Me? The Answers to Some of the World's Most Embarrassing QuestionsMayle, Peter---Doyle
Where Did I Come From?Mayle, Peter---Doyle
Hey, Kid! Does She Love Me?Mazer, Harry---UIUC
I Love You, StupidMazer, Harry---Doyle
Last MissionMazer, Harry-813 M476ss-Doyle
Snow BoundMazer, Harry-813 M476sb-Doyle
When the Phone RangMazer, Harry-813 M476wh-UIUC
After the RainMazer, Norma Fox-813 M476afQCUIUC
Good Night, MamanMazer, Norma Fox-813 M476maQCUIUC
Missing PiecesMazer, Norma Fox---UIUC
Out of ControlMazer, Norma Fox---Doyle
Saturday, the Twelfth of OctoberMazer, Norma Fox---Doyle
SilverMazer, Norma Fox-813 M476sv-UIUC
Up in Seth's Room: a Love StoryMazer, Norma Fox---Doyle
Japanese Tales and LegendsMcAlpine, Helen and William McAlpine---Doyle
Alice in JeopardyMcBain, Ed---Doyle
Show Me : A Picture Book of Sex for Children and ParentsMcBride, Will and Helga Fleischhauer-Hardt---Doyle
Second HelpingsMcCafferty, Megan---UIUC
Sloppy FirstsMcCafferty, Megan---UIUC
Jack the BearMcCall, Don---Doyle
Boy's LifeMcCammon, Robert---Doyle
Mystery WalkMcCammon, Robert---Doyle
Child of GodMcCarthy, Cormac---Doyle
Group, TheMcCarthy, MaryPS3525.A1435 G7 1963--LS:Sexual
CutMcCormick, Patricia-813 M131c-UIUC
Angela's AshesMcCourt, FrankE184.I6 M117-PBKNCTE
New Teenage Body Book, TheMcCoy, Kathy and Charles Wibbelsman---Doyle
Sexual Revolution, TheMcCuen, Gary E. and David L. BenderHQ32 .M3 1972--Doyle
Member of the WeddingMcCullers, CarsonPS3525.A1772 M5 1951--Doyle
Thousand Pieces of GoldMcCunn, Ruthanne Lum---Doyle
Now I Lay Me Down to SleepMcDaniel, Lurlene-813 M134no-UIUC
Golem: A Jewish Legend, TheMcDermott, Beverly Brodsky-398.22 M134go-Doyle
In the Middle of the Night: The Shocking True Story of a Family Killed in Cold BloodMcDonald, Brian---Doyle
Chill WindMcDonald, Janet-813 M135cw-UIUC
SpellboundMcDonald, Janet-813 M135sb-UIUC
Shadow PeopleMcDonald, Joyce-813 M135sp-UIUC
AtonementMcEwan, IanPBK M142 at--BCOB 16-17
Themes in World LiteratureMcFarland, Philip J., et al.---Doyle
Dark, TheMcGahern, John---Doyle
Miles' SongMcGill, Alice-813 M145ms-UIUC
Meet the WerewolfMcHargue, Georgess---Doyle
Blue Hen's Chicken, TheMcHugh, Vincent---Doyle
Living LawMcKay, Susan---Doyle
Shooting StarMcKissack, Frederick---BCOB 10-11
Mirandy and Brother WindMcKissack, Patricia-028.5 M158mi-Doyle
KnowingMcMillan, Rosalyn---Doyle
When I Was a Loser: True Stories of (Barely) Surviving High School by Today's Top WritersMcNally, John, ed.---Doyle
JunebugMead, Alice-813 M479juQCUIUC
Vampire Academy (series)Mead, Richelle---Doyle
Hollywood vs. America: Popular Culture and the War against Traditional ValuesMedved, Michael---Doyle
Your RelationshipMeeks, Linda and Philip Heit---Doyle
Moby DickMelville, HermanPS2384 .M6 1962--Doyle
Tripping over the Lunch Lady and Other Short StoriesMercado, Nancy E., ed.---Doyle
Zork: The Malifestro QuestMeretzky, Eric---Doyle
Daddy Was a Numbers RunnerMeriwether, Louise---Doyle
Veil and the Male Elite, The: A Feminist Interpretation of Women's Rights in IslamMernissi, Fatima---LS:Religious
Merriam Webster Collegiate DictionaryMerriam Webster Editorial StaffREF. PE1628 .M36 2003REF. 423 W377cd-BCOB 06-07
Halloween ABCMerriam, Eve---Doyle
Inner City Mother Goose, TheMerriam, EvePS3525.E639 I5--Doyle
One for the GodsMerrick, Gordon---Doyle
Jubilee JourneyMetalious, Grace---UIUC
Peyton PlaceMetalious, GracePS3525.E77 P4 1999b--LS:Sexual
White LilacsMeyer, Carolyn-813 M612w-UIUC
Bedford Introduction to LiteratureMeyer, Michael, ed.---Doyle
Outlaw RepresentationMeyer, Richard---LS:Sexual
Twilight (series)Meyer, Stephenie H.PN6727.M4937 T99813 M613tw -LS:Sexual
Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for MillionsMezrich, Ben---Doyle
Good-bye TomorrowMiklowitz, Gloria---UIUC
Past ForgivingMiklowitz, Gloria-813 M636pf-UIUC
Secrets Not Meant to be KeptMiklowitz, Gloria---UIUC
Principles of Political EconomyMill, John StuartHB161.M65 P75--LS:Religious
Social PhilosophyMill, John Stuart---Doyle
System of LogicMill, John StuartBC91 .M5 1961--Doyle
Usborne Book of World History, TheMillard, Anne and Patricia Vanags---Doyle
Crucible, TheMiller, ArthurPS3525.I5156 C7 1953--Doyle
Death of a SalesmanMiller, ArthurPS3525.I5156 D4 1981--Doyle
Coping with Your Sexual OrientationMiller, Deborah A. and Alex Waigandt---Doyle
Truth TrapMiller, Frances, A.---UIUC
Opus PistorumMiller, HenryPS3525.I5454 O64 1983--Doyle
SexusMiller, Henry---LS:Sexual
Tropic of CancerMiller, HenryPS3525.I5454 T7--LS:Sexual
Tropic of CapricornMiller, HenryPS3525.I5454 T8 1962--LS:Sexual
Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll, TheMiller, Jim, ed--REFDoyle
AreopagiticaMilton, JohnPR3569--LS:Political
Paradise LostMilton, JohnPR3560 1974b--Doyle
Sound of Waves, TheMishima, YukioPL833.I7 S6--Doyle
Gone with the WindMitchell, MargaretPS3525.I972 G59--LS:Social
Gilgamesh: A New English VersionMitchell, Stephen---Doyle
Baseball Saved UsMochizuki, Ken-973.917 M688ba-Doyle
Everything You Need to Know about Sexual AbstinenceMoe, Barbara A.---Doyle
More Perfect Union: Why Straight America Must Stand Up for Gay Rights, AMohr, Richard D.---Doyle
House Made of DawnMomaday, N. ScottPS3563.O47 H6--Doyle
Borrowed Time: an AIDS Memoir (as selected in Writers' Voice)Monette, PaulRC607.A26 M66 1998--BCOB 10-11
EssaysMontaigne, Michel dePQ1642.E5--LS:Religious
Persian Letters, TheMontesquieu, Charles de Secondat Baron dePQ2011.L5 E7--LS:Religious
Spirit of the LawsMontesquieu, Charles de Secondat Baron deJC179.M74--LS:Religious
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black DossierMoore, AlanPN6727.M667 L42 v.2 2003 ?--Doyle
NeonomiconMoore, Alan---BCOB 12-13
Esther WatersMoore, GeorgePR5042 .E8 1966--LS:Social
Story Teller's HolidayMoore, GeorgePR5042 .S75--LS:Sexual
Tweaked: a Crystal Meth MemoirMoore, Patrick---BCOB 10-11
Other Wes Moore, TheMoore, Wes---NCTE
TTYL (Camp Confidential #5)Morgan, Melissa---BCOB 06-07
One BirdMori, Kyoko---UIUC
Twist of GoldMorpurgo, Michael---UIUC
War of Jenkins' EarMorpurgo, Michael---UIUC
Naked Ape, TheMorris, DesmondQH368 .M88 1984--LS:Social
Remember Me When This You SeeMorrison, Lillian---Doyle
BelovedMorrison, ToniPS3563.O8749 B4813.54 M882b 1988bWCLS:Social
Bluest EyeMorrison, ToniPS3563.O8749 B55--LS:Sexual
Song of SolomonMorrison, ToniPS3563.O8749 S6813.54 M882ssWCLS:Sexual
SulaMorrison, ToniPS3563.O8749 S8 1994--Doyle
All-American BoyMosca, Frank---Doyle
ZazooMosher, Richard-813 M911za -UIUC
Never Cry WolfMowat, Farley---Doyle
No Birds Sang, AndMowat, FarleyD811 .M683 1979--Doyle
Woman in the Mists: The Story of Dian Fossey & the Mountain Gorillas of AfricaMowat, Farley---LS:Social
Babylon BoyzMowry, Jess---UIUC
Short Prose Reader, TheMuller, Gilbert H. and Harvey S. Wiener, comps.---Doyle
Appointment, TheMüller, Herta---LS:Political
TrashMulligan, Andy---BCOB 16-17
LiberaceMungo, Raymond---Doyle
Cities of SaltMunif, Abdul Rahman---LS:Political
Norwegian WoodMurakami, Haruki---BCOB 11-12
Nice and the Good, TheMurdoch, IrisPR6063.U7 N5--Doyle
Home FreeMurphy, Barbara Beasley---Doyle
No Place to RunMurphy, Barbara Beasley---Doyle
Tip on a Dead CrabMurray, William---Doyle
Twelve days in AugustMurrow, Liza Ketchum-813 M984td-UIUC
Madhorubhagan = One Part WomanMurugan, Perumal---BCOB 14-15
Improvised Radio Jamming TechniquesMyers, Lawrence W.---Doyle
Bad Boy: A MemoirMyers, Walter Dean-813.54 M996bb-NCTE
BeastMyers, Walter Dean-813 M996be -UIUC
DopesickMyers, Walter Dean-- -BCOB 16-17
Fallen AngelsMyers, Walter Dean-813 M996fa-LS:Social
Fast Sam, Cool Clyde and StuffMyers, Walter Dean-813 M996fs-Doyle
Glory FieldMyers, Walter Dean-813 M996go-UIUC
Greatest: Muhammad AliMyers, Walter Dean-796.83 M996grQCUIUC
Handbook for Boys: a NovelMyers, Walter Dean---UIUC
HoopsMyers, Walter Dean-813 M996h-Doyle
Journal of Scott Pendleton CollinsMyers, Walter Dean-813 M996jsQCUIUC
MonsterMyers, Walter Dean-813 M996mrQCUIUC
Slam!Myers, Walter Dean-813 M996ma-UIUC
Young Martin's PromiseMyers, Walter Dean---Doyle
Kissing KateMyracle, Lauren---UIUC
l8r, g8rMyracle, Lauren---ALA TT2011
Luv Ya BunchesMyracle, Lauren---NCTE
ttfnMyracle, Lauren---Doyle
ttylMyracle, Lauren-813 M998tt-Doyle
Green Desire, AMyrer, Anton---Doyle