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Banned and Challenged Books: Titles P-R

Titles P-R

TitleAuthorMalpass Call #Curr Call #Other locSource
Paint Me Like I Am: Teen PoemsWritersCorps811 P148pmDoyle
Painting in Transition: Precursors of Modern ArtCanaday, JohnDoyle
Paintings of D. H. LawrenceLawrence, D.H.ND497.L37 P3Doyle
Palomar: The Heartbreak Soup Stories Hernandez, Gibert ---BCOB 15-16
PamelaRichardson, SamuelPR3664 .P4 1914LS:Sexual
PansiesLawrence, D.H.LS:Sexual
Paper TownsGreen, John813 G796ptBCOB 14-15
Paradise LostMilton, JohnPR3560 1974bDoyle
Paradise of the BlindDuong, Thy HuongLS:Political
Pardon Me, You're Stepping on My EyeballZindel, Paul813 Z77paUIUC
ParisChelminski, RudolphDoyle
Past ForgivingMiklowitz, Gloria813 M636pfUIUC
Patriot, TheLevin, HanochLS:Political
Peasant Wars of the Twentieth CenturyWolf, EricD445 .W8 1969Doyle
Pebble in Newcomb's Pond, ADengler, MariannaDoyle
Pedagogy of the OppressedFreire, PauloLB880.F73 P4313 1993NCTE
Peeling the OnionOrr, Wendy823 O75poUIUC
Pelican Brief, TheGrisham, JohnPS3557.R5355 P4 1992Doyle
Penguin IslandFrance, AnatolePQ2254.I4 E5 1933LS:Religious
PenséesPascal, BlaiseB1901 .P4 1948Doyle
People’s History of the United StatesZinn, HowardE169.1 .Z53Doyle
Perez and MartinaBelpre, PuraDoyle
Perfumed Garden of the Shaykh Nefzawi, TheBurton, Richard, Sir, trans.HQ461 .U48LS:Sexual
Perilous Journey, TheJewkes, Wilfred ThomasDoyle
Perks of Being A WallflowerChbosky, Stephen813 C513pwLS:Sexual
Permanent ConnectionsBridgers, Sue EllenUIUC
The Permitted and Forbidden in IslamQaradadwi, YusufDoyle
PersepolisSatrapi, MarjanPN6747.S245 P4713NCTE
Persian Letters, TheMontesquieu, Charles de Secondat Baron dePQ2011.L5 E7LS:Religious
Person to PersonRuddell, Robert B., et al.Doyle
Perspectives on Health: Human SexualityWinship, ElizabethDoyle
Pet SemataryKing, StephenDoyle
Petals on the WindAndrews, V.C.Doyle
PeterWalker, Kate823 W181peDoyle
Peyton PlaceMetalious, GracePS3525.E77 P4 1999bLS:Sexual
Phantom AnimalsCohen, DanielDoyle
Phantom Tollbooth, TheJuster, NortonDoyle
Philanderer, TheKauffmann, StanleyLS:Sexual
Philosophical DictionaryVoltaire, FrancoisMarie ArouetB42 .V6LS:Religious
Phoenix Rising: Or How to Survive Your LifeGrant, Cynthia D.813 G761pxUIUC
PigeonBennett, JayUIUC
PigmanZindel, Paul813 Z77piQCDoyle
Pill vs. the Springhill Mine Disaster, TheBrautigan, RichardDoyle
Pillars of the EarthFollett, KenPBK F667 piDoyle
Pinkerton, Behave!Kellogg, Steven028.5 K29pbDoyle
Pissing in the Snow and Other Ozark FolktalesRandolph, Vance, comp.GR110.M77 P57Doyle
Pit Bulls and Tenacious Guard DogsSemencic, CarlBCOB 1011, 1112
Plains of PassageAuel, Jean M.PS3551.U36 P57 1990Doyle
Poems and BalladsSwinburne, Algernon CharlesPR5506 .P6LS:Sexual
Poetry of Black AmericaAdoff, Arnold, ed.PS591.N4 A32Doyle
Point Counter PointHuxley, AldousPR6015.U9 P6 1956LS:Sexual
Point of DepartureGold, Robert S., ed.Doyle
Poisonwood Bible, TheKingsolver, BarbaraPBK K55.1 poNCTE
Political History of the DevilDefoe, DanielPR3404 .H5 1972LS:Religious
Politics of Dispossession: The Struggle for Palestinian SelfDetermination, TheSaid, Edward W.LS:Political
Popol VuhF1465.PLS:Religious
Popular History of Witchcraft, TheSummers, MontagueDoyle
Popularity Papers, TheIgnatow, AmyBCOB 1213
Population, Evolution and Birth ControlHardin, GarrettHB851 .H28Doyle
PopulationsHarkness, John and David Helgren, eds.Doyle
Portnoy's ComplaintRoth, PhilipPS3568.O855 P6 1969Doyle
Portrait of America, Vol. IIOates, StephenDoyle
Possible ImpossibilitiesHall, ElizabethDoyle
Power and the GloryGreene, GrahamPR6013.R44 P65LS:Religious
Power of One, TheCourtenay, BrycePR9619.3.C5964 P69 1996Doyle
Praise of FollyErasmus, DesideriusPA8514.E5LS:Religious
PrankLasky, KathrynUIUC
Prayer for Owen MeanyIrving, JohnPS3559.R8 P7 1989Doyle
Prelude to World War IIElson, Robert T.Doyle
PrepCoburn, JakeUIUC
Prep: A NovelSittenfeld, CurtisDoyle
PrinceMachiavelli, NiccoloJC143.MLS:Political
Prince in Waiting, TheChristopher, JohnDoyle
Prince of TidesConroy, PatPS3553.O5198 P7Doyle
Princess AshleyPeck, Richard813 P367paUIUC
Principles of NaturePalmer, ElihuLS:Political
Principles of Political EconomyMill, John StuartHB161.M65 P75LS:Religious
Private PartsStern, HowardDoyle
Probing the Unknown: From Myth to ScienceTchudi, StephenAG243 .T39 1990Doyle
Promise of AmericaCuban, Larry and Philip RodenLS:Political
Proof of the HoneyalNeimi, SalwaUIUC
Provincial Letters, ThePascal, BlaiseBX4720.P3 K7 1967bLS:Religious
Prydain Chronicles, TheAlexander, LloydDoyle
Ptolemy's GateStroud, JonathanDoyle
Public Smiles, Private TearsVan Slyke, HelenDoyle
PumsyAnderson, JillDoyle
PylonFaulkner, WilliamPS3511.A86 P95 1962Doyle
Quartzsite Trip, TheHogan, WilliamDoyle
Queen of the Bathtub = Malkat AmbatyaLevin, HanochLS:Political
Queen of the Summer StarsWoolley, PersiaDoyle
Queen of the What Ifs, TheKlein, NormaDoyle
Question QuestAnthony, PiersDoyle
R. Crumb Coffee Table Art Book, TheCrumb, R.OVERSIZE. PN6727.C7 R16 1998Doyle
Rabbit is RichUpdike, JohnDoyle
Rabbit, RunUpdike, JohnPS3571.P4 R33LS:Sexual
Rabbit's WeddingWilliams, GarthDoyle
Radiant IdentitiesSturges, JockDoyle
Rag and Bone ShopCormier, Robert813 C189rcUIUC
Raging QuietJordan, SherrylUIUC
Rainbow BoysSanchez, AlexDoyle
Rainbow JordanChildress, Alice813 C536rjDoyle
Rainbow, TheLawrence, D.H.PR6023.A93 R3 1989LS:Sexual
Raintree CountryLockridge, Ross, Jr.Doyle
Raise Up Off MeHawes, HamptonMusicDoyle
Raisin in the SunHansberry, LorrainePS3515.A515 R3Doyle
Random House Thesaurus of SlangLewin, EstherREFDoyle
Rap, The LyricsStanley, Lawrence A. ed.Doyle
Raped Little Runaway, TheMartin, Jean---BCOB 16-17
Rape of Sita, TheCollen, LindseyLS:Religious
Rats Saw GodThomas, Rob813 T461rgUIUC
RawSpiegelman, Art and Francoise MoulyDoyle
Reader for Writers, AArcher, Jerome W. and A. SchwartzPE1417 .A7 1971Doyle
Reading Lolita in TehranNafisi, AzarPE64.N34 A3 2004WCUK
Ready? (Love Trilogy No. 1)Cann, KateUIUC
Real Girl/Real WorldGray, Heather M., and Samantha PhillipsWCDoyle
Recreational DrugsYoung, Lawrence A.Doyle
Red and the BlackStendahlPQ2435.R7LS:Religious
Red PonySteinbeck, JohnPS3537.T3234 R246QCLS:Social
Red Sky at MorningBradford, Richard813.54 B799r Doyle
Red Star Over ChinaSnow, EdgarDS775 .S72 1968Doyle
ReigenSchnitzler, ArthurDoyle
Reincarnation of Peter Proud, TheEhrlich, MaxPS3509.H663 R4 1974Doyle
Religio MediciBrowne, Sir ThomasPR3327 .A73 1963LS:Religious
Religion within the Boundaries of Pure ReasonKant, ImmanuelLS:Religious
Reluctantly AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds813 N333raDoyle
Remember MePike, ChristopherDoyle
Remember Me 3Pike, ChristopherDoyle
Remember Me When This You SeeMorrison, LillianDoyle
Remembering MogRodowsky, Colby813 R695moUIUC
Remembering the Good TimesPeck, Richard813 P367reUIUC
Replenishing JessicaBodenheim, MaxPS3503.O17 R4LS:Sexual
Report of the Siberian DelegationTrotsky, LeonLS:Political
Reproductive System: How Living Creature Multiply, TheSilverstein, Alvin and Virginia B. SilversteinDoyle
Reptile RoomSnicket, Lemony813 S672reUIUC
Rescue! An African AdventureKelleher, VictorUIUC
Reservation BluesAlexie, ShermanNCTE
Restless Dead: Ghostly Tales from Around the World, TheCohen, DanielDoyle
Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 YearsBigelow, Bill and Bob Peterson, eds.E119.2 .R48 1998CASANCTE
Return of the IndianBanks, Lynne ReidQCDoyle
Revenge of the Lawn, TheBrautigan, RichardPS3503.R2736 R4 1971Doyle
Reviving OpheliaPipher, MaryWCDoyle
Revolting RhymesDahl, RoaldDoyle
Revolutionary Voices: a Multicultural Queer Youth AnthologySonnie, Amy, ed.305.235 A477rvBCOB 1011
RewindSleator, William813 S632r UIUC
Rhyme StewDahl, RoaldDoyle
Right to Lie, TheWolk, Robert L., and Arthur HenleyDoyle
Ricochet RiverCody, RobinDoyle
Rights of Man, ThePaine, ThomasJC177 .B3 1961aLS:Political
Rights of the Christian Church AssertedTindal, MatthewLS:Religious
RipplesHazelgrove, WilliamArchivesUIUC
Rise of American CivilizationBeard, CharlesE169.1 .B33 1933Doyle
Road Back, TheRemarque, Erich MariaDoyle
Road Less Traveled, ThePeck, M. ScottBF637.S4 P43 1978Doyle
Road to MemphisTaylor, Mildred D.813 T244rmUIUC
Road to NowherePike, ChristopherDoyle
Robert Mapplethorpe: The PhotographsMartineau, Paul---BCOB 16-17
RobodadCarter, Alden R.UIUC
RobopocalpyseWilson, David HowardBCOB 1213
Roll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred D.813 T244roQCDoyle
Rolling Harvey down the HillPrelutsky, Jack811.54 P924rDoyle
Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll, TheMiller, Jim, edREFDoyle
Romeo and Juliet (Sparknotes)Shakespeare, WilliamPR2831.A2BCOB 1112, 1213
Romiette and JulioDraper, Sharon, and Adam Lowenbein813 D766roDoyle
Rommel Drives on Deep into EgyptBrautigan, RichardDoyle
RoosterWeaver, Beth Nixon813 W363r UIUC
Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales RetoldBlock, Francesca Lia and Suza Scalora813 B651rbDoyle
Rose for Emily, AFaulkner, WilliamDoyle
Rosemary's BabyLevin, IraMEDIADoyle
RoxanaDefoe, DanielPR3400 .F07Doyle
Rules for RadicalsAlinsky, SaulHN65 .A675Doyle
Rumble FishHinton, S.E.813 H666ruDoyle
Run with the HorsemenSams, FerrolPS3569.A46656 R8 1982Doyle
Run, Shelley, RunSamuels, GertrudeDoyle
Runaway Sleigh Ride, TheLindgren, AstridDoyle
Runaway to FreedomSmucker, BarbaraDoyle
RundownCadnum, MichaelUIUC
Running LooseCrutcher, Chris813 C957rDoyle
Running With ScissorsBurroughs, AugustenPBK B972 rsDoyle
RussiaIves, VernonLS:Political
Ryan White: My Own StoryWhite, Ryan and Anne Marie CunninghamRJ387.A25 W45 1991Doyle
RyderBarnes, DjunaPS3503.A614 R9 1979Doyle