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Banned and Challenged Books: Titles T

Titles T

TitleAuthorMalpass Call #Curr Call #Other locSource
T.E. LawrenceWolfe, DanielDoyle
Tailypo: A Ghost Tale, TheGaldone, Joanna398.2 G149tgDoyle
Taking Care of TerrificLowry, LoisDoyle
Taking ItCadnum, MichaelUIUC
Tale of a TubSwift, JonathanPR3721 .D3 1951 v.1LS:Religious
Tales from ScandinaviaLaing, FrederickDoyle
Tales of a Fourth Grade NothingBlume, Judy813 B658tfUIUC
Tales of Mystery: Folk Tales from Around the WorldJagendorf, Moritz A.Doyle
Talisman, TheKing, Stephen PBK K54.1 taDoyle
Talisman, TheKing, Stephen, and Peter StraubPS3561.I483 T3 1984PBKDoyle
Talking with Your Child about Sex: Questions and Answers for Children from Birth to PubertyCalderone, Mary S. and James W. RameyDoyle
Tall Man from Boston, TheStarkey, Marion LenaDoyle
Tall, Thin, and BlondeSheldon, DylanUIUC
Tallahassee HigginsHahn, Mary DowningUIUC
Taming the Star RunnerHinton, S.E.UIUC
TangerineBloor, Edward813 B655tg UIUC
TangledMackler, CarolynBCOB 1112
Tapping the Vein, Book 2Barker, CliveDoyle
Tar BeachRinggold, Faith028.5 R582tDoyle
TargetJohnson, Kathleen JeffrieUIUC
TarzanBurroughs, Edgar RiceDoyle
Taste of BlackberriesSmith, Doris Buchanan813 S645tUIUC
Teacup Full of RosesMathis, Sharon Bell813 M431tcQCUIUC
Tears of a TigerDraper, Sharon813 D766ttUIUC
Teenage Guy’s Survival GuideDaldry, JeremyDoyle
Teens with AIDS Speak OutKittredge, MaryDoyle
Teleny: A Novel Attributed to Oscar WildeDoyle
Tell It to the KingKing, LarryDoyle
Tell Me EverythingComan, Carolyn813 C728tmUIUC
Tell Me EverythingCorman, Carolyn813 C728tmDoyle
Tell Me How Long the Train's Been GoneBaldwin, JamesDoyle
Tell Me If the Lovers are LosersVoigt, CynthiaDoyle
Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie MoonKellogg, MarjorieDoyle
Tell Us Your SecretCohen, BarbaraUIUC
Teller of TalesKnudsen, EricDoyle
Telling Fortunes: Love Magic, Dream Signs, and Other Ways to Learn the FutureSchwartz, Alvin133.3 S399tfDoyle
Temple of My Familiar, TheWalker, AlicePS3573.A425 T46 1989Doyle
Ten Days That Shook the WorldReed, JohnDK265 .R38LS:Political
Ten North FrederickO'Hara, JohnPS3529.H29 T4LS:Sexual
TenderHobbs, ValerieUIUC
TendernessCormier, Robert813 C811tsDoyle
Tenth CirclePicoult, JodiDoyle
Terre, LaZola, EmileLS:Sexual
TerroristCooney, CarolineDoyle
Tess of the D'UrbervillesHardy, ThomasPR7478.A1LS:Sexual
TexHinton, S.E.813 H666txDoyle
That SummerDessen, SarahUIUC
That Was Then, This is NowHinton, S.E.813 H666thDoyle
That's My BabyKlein, NormaDoyle
The Big BetrayalChick, Jack T.Doyle
The Disappearing Spoon: And Other Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements Kean, Sam ---BCOB 15-16
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Skloot, Rebecca RC265.6.L24 S55 2010 --BCOB 15-16
The Sandman, vol. 2: The Doll House Gaiman, Neil ---BCOB 15-16
Their Eyes were Watching GodHurston, Zora NealePS3515.U789 T4LS:Sexual
Themes in World LiteratureMcFarland, Philip J., et al.Doyle
Then Again Maybe I Won'tBlume, Judy813 B658tLS:Sexual
TheologicalPolitical TreatiseSpinoza, BaruchLS:Religious
There Are Two Lives: Poems by Children of JapanLewis, Richard, comp.Doyle
There Must Be a Pony! A NovelKirkwood, JamesDoyle
There's a Boy in the Girls BathroomSachar, Louis813 S121tbDoyle
They Called Themselves the KKK: the Birth of an American Terrorist GroupBartoletti, Susan Campbell322.4 B292tkNCTE
They Were Strong and GoodLawson, Robert028.5 L425tsDoyle
Thief's Journal, TheGenet, JeanPQ2613.E53 J65 1965LS:Sexual
Things Fall ApartAchebe, Chinua---Doyle
Things They CarriedO'Brien, TimPS3565.B75 T48 1990LS:Political
ThinnerKing, StephenDoyle
Thirteen Reasons WhyAsher, Jay813 A825twQCNCTE
Thirteenth Valley: A Novel, TheDel Vecchio, John M.Doyle
This Book is Gay Dawson, James ---BCOB 15-16
This Boy’s Life: A MemoirWolff, TobiasPS3573.O558 Z477 1989LS:Sexual
This Day in June Pittman, Gayle E. ---BCOB 15-16
This Earth of MankindToer, Pramoedya AnantaPL5089.T8 B8413 1996LS:Political
This LullabyDessen, SarahUIUC
This One Summer Tamaki, Mariko, and Jillian Tamaki -823 T153ts QC BCOB 15-16
Those Other PeopleChildress, Alice813 C536toUIUC
Thousand Acres, ASmiley, JanePS3569.M39 T47 1991Doyle
Thousand Pieces of GoldMcCunn, Ruthanne LumDoyle
Thousand Pieces of Gold: My Discovery of China's Character in the History and Meaning of Its Proverbs, AMah, Adeline YenDoyle
Thousand Splendid SunsHosseini, KhaledPS3608.O832 T56 2007CASANCTE
Three Billy Goats Gruff398.2 M647ttDoyle
Three Clams and an OysterPowell, Randy813 P885tcUIUC
Three WeeksGlyn, ElinorLS:Sexual
ThreePart WorkEckhart, MeisterLS:Religious
Through the LockHurst, Carol OtisUIUC
Through the WindowKeeping, CharlesDoyle
Tiger EyesBlume, Judy813 B658tiDoyle
Tiger FlowersQuinlan, Patricia028.5 Q7tfDoyle
Tiger OrchardSweeney, Joyce813 S974tiUIUC
Tiger, Tiger, Burning BrightKoertge, Ron813 K78ttUIUC
Time for DancingHurwin, DavidaDoyle
Time to KillGrisham, JohnPBK G869 ti Doyle
Time WindowsReiss, Kathryn813 R378twUIUC
Timothy of the CayTaylor, Theodore813 T246tcUIUC
Tintin in AmericaHergé813 H545tfDoyle
Tintin in the CongoHergéBCOB 1112, 1213
Tiny Tim: Verses for ChildrenOxenbury, HelenDoyle
Tip on a Dead CrabMurray, WilliamDoyle
Tithe: a Modern Faerie TaleBlack, HollyNCTE
To Have and Have NotHemingway, ErnestLS:Social
To Kill a MockingbirdLee, HarperPS3562.E353 T6 1960808.3 L478tQCLS:Social
To Love Again: A Historical RomanceSmall, BeatriceDoyle
To Take a DareDragonwagon, Crescent and Paul ZindelDoyle
To the WeddingBerger, JohnBCOB 1011, 1213
To Walk the LineQuammen, DavidDoyle
Tobacco RoadCaldwell, ErskinePS3505.A322 T6 1940bLS:Sexual
Today's Isms: Communism, Fascism, Capitalism, SocialismEbenstein, WilliamHN18 .E2LS:Political
Toilet, TheBaraka, Imamu AmiriDoyle
TokyoMaraini, FoscoDoyle
Tommyknockers, TheKing, StephenPS3561.I483 T66 1987Doyle
Tomorrow WendyStoehr, Shelley813 S871toUIUC
Topics for the RestlessSpargo, EdwardDoyle
Tortilla CurtainBoyle, T. CoraghessanPS3552.O932 T67 1996Doyle
Totally JoeHowe, JamesDoyle
Touba and the Meaning of NightParsipur, ShahrnushLS:Religious
Toughing ItSpringer, NancyUIUC
Tragedy of King Richard IIShakespeare, WililamPR3729.T5 T7 1720 1969fDoyle
Tragic GroundCaldwell, ErskinePS3505.A322 T7LS:Sexual
Trailsman seriesSharpe, JonDoyle
Traitor (Golden Mountain Chronicles)Yep, Laurence813 Y47trUIUC
Trash Mulligan, Andy - -BCOB 16-17
Treasury of American PoetryPS584 .T7Doyle
TrigPeck, Robert NewtonQCDoyle
Trilbydu Maurier, GeorgePR4634 .T7LS:Sexual
Tripping over the Lunch Lady and Other Short StoriesMercado, Nancy E., ed.Doyle
Triumph of Death, TheD'Annunzio, GabrielePQ4803.Z3 T7LS:Sexual
Tropic of CancerMiller, HenryPS3525.I5454 T7LS:Sexual
Tropic of CapricornMiller, HenryPS3525.I5454 T8 1962LS:Sexual
Trouble RiverByars, Betsy813 B993tr QCUIUC
Trouble with LibertyButcher, KristinUIUC
Troublemakers, The Hernandez, Gilbert-- -BCOB 16-17
Troubling a StarL'Engle, Madeleine813 L566tsQCUIUC
Trout Fishing in AmericaBrautigan, RichardPS3503.R2736 A6 1969Doyle
True BelieverWolff, Virginia Euwer813 W855tb UIUC
True Confessions of a Heartless GirlBrooks, Martha813 B873tcUIUC
True Meaning of CleavageFredericks, MariahUIUC
Truly Tasteless JokesKnott, BlancheDoyle
Truth about ForeverDessen, SarahUIUC
Truth TrapMiller, Frances, A.UIUC
Trying Hard to Hear YouScoppettone, Sandra813 S422trUIUC
Tsar Nicholas I and the Jews: The Transformation of Jewish Society in Russia, 18251855Stanislawski, MichaelDoyle
ttfnMyracle, LaurenDoyle
ttylMyracle, Lauren813 M998ttDoyle
TTYL (Camp Confidential #5)Morgan, MelissaBCOB 0607
Tuck EverlastingBabbitt, Natalie813 B112tuQCACLU
Tunes for Bears to Dance ToCormier, Robert813 C811tUIUC
Tunnel VisionArrick, FranUIUC
Turn of the ScrewJames, HenryPS2110 .F07 1970r v.12Doyle
Tweak: Growing Up on MethamphetaminesSheff, NicBCOB 1112
Tweaked: a Crystal Meth MemoirMoore, PatrickBCOB 1011
Twelfth NightShakespeare, WililamPR2837.A2 K5Doyle
Twelve days in AugustMurrow, Liza Ketchum813 M984tdUIUC
Twelve Wild Swans: A Journey to the Realm of magic, Healing, and Action: Rituals, Exercises, and Magical Training in the Reclaiming Tradition, TheStarhawk, and Hilary ValentineDoyle
Twenty Boy SummerOckler, SarahBCOB 1011, 1112
Twilight (series)Meyer, Stephenie H.PN6727.M4937 T99813 M613tw LS:Sexual
Twilight of the Nymphs, TheLouys, PierreDoyle
Twilight's ChildAndrews, V.C.Doyle
Twist of GoldMorpurgo, MichaelUIUC
TwistedAnderson, Laurie Halse813 A547twDoyle
Two Boys KissingLevithan, DavidBCOB 14-15
Two by Two: The Untold StoryHewitt, KathrynDoyle
Two Queens of HeavenGates, DorisDoyle
Two Teenagers in TwentyHeron, AnnDoyle
TyrellBooth, Coe-CURRLIB. 813 B725ty-BCOB 16-17