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Banned and Challenged Books: Titles U-W

Titles U-W

TitleAuthorMalpass Call #Curr Call #Other locSource
Ugly American, TheLederer, William J. and Eugene BurdickPS3562.E33 U3--LS:Political
UlyssesJoyce, JamesPR6019.O9 U4--LS:Sexual
Unbearable Lightness of BeingKundera, Milan---UK
Uncle Bobby's WeddingBrannen, Sarah-028.5 B821ub-Doyle
Uncle RemusHarris, Joel ChandlervariousvariousQCLS:Social
Uncle Tom's CabinStowe, Harriet BeecherPS2954.U5--LS:Political
Underground Education: The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew About Art, Sex, Business, Crime, Science, Medicine, and Other Fields of Human KnowledgeZacks, Richard---Doyle
Understanding Gay Relatives and FriendsJones, Clinton R.HQ76.25 .J66--Doyle
Understanding HealthKane, William M., Peggy Blake, and Robert Frye---Doyle
Understanding Sexual Identity: A Book for Gay Teens & Their FriendsRench, Janice E.---Doyle
Understanding the Social SciencesKing, Frederick, Herbert Rudeman, and Doris Leavell---Doyle
Understanding Your SexualityPurdy, Candace, and Stan Kendziorski---Doyle
Unfinished DreamsZalben, Jane Breskin---UIUC
Unfinished Portrait of JessicaPeck, Richard-813 P367up-UIUC
The Unicorn Who Had No Horn Holland, Margaret, and Craig Mckee---Doyle
Unicorns in the RainCohen, Barbara---Doyle
Unidentified Flying ObjectsCollins, Jim---Doyle
United States-Vietnam Relations, 1945-1967 (The Pentagon Papers)U.S. Department of DefenseGOVPUBS. Y4.AR5/2:V67/3/945-67--LS:Political
Unlived AffectionsShannon, George-813 S528un-LS:Social
Until They Bring the Streetcars BackWest, Stanley Gordon---Doyle
Until WhateverHumphreys, Martha---UIUC
Untouchable, TheBanville, John---Doyle
UnwindShusterman, Neal-813 S562un-Doyle
Up a Road SlowlyHunt, Irene-813 H941up-UIUC
Up CountryCarter, Alden R.-813 C323u-UIUC
Up in Seth's Room: a Love StoryMazer, Norma Fox---Doyle
Upchuck SummerSchwartz, Joel L.---Doyle
Ups and Downs of Carl Davis, IIIGuy, Rosa-813 G986uc-UIUC
Upstairs Room, TheReiss, Johanna-839 R378up-Doyle
UpsurgeHarcourt, J.M.---Doyle
Usborne Book of World History, TheMillard, Anne and Patricia Vanags---Doyle
Valachi Papers, TheMaas, PeterHV6789 .M29--Doyle
Valley of the HorsesAuel, Jean M.---Doyle
Values ClarificationSimon, Sidney---Doyle
Vamos a Cuba (A Visit to Cuba)Schreier, Alta---Doyle
Vampire Academy (series)Mead, Richelle---Doyle
Vampires, Werewolves and ZombiesKallen, Stuart A.---Doyle
Vanek Plays (Audience, Protest, The Unveiling)Havel, VáclavPG5039.18.A9 A2 1993--LS:Political
Vasilissa the Beautiful: Russian Fairy Tales----Doyle
Vatican and Homosexuality: Reactions to the "Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons"Gramick, Jeannine, and Pat Furey---Doyle
Vegan Virgin ValentineMackler, Carolyn-813 M158vv-Doyle
Veil and the Male Elite, The: A Feminist Interpretation of Women's Rights in IslamMernissi, Fatima---LS:Religious
Venus and Tannhauser (Under the Hill)Beardsley, Aubrey---LS:Sexual
View from Another ClosetBode, Janet---Doyle
View from SaturdayKonigsburg, E.L.-813 K82vsQCUIUC
View from the Cherry TreeRoberts, Willo Davis-813 R648vc-Doyle
Vile VillageSnicket, Lemony-813 S672vv-UIUC
Violet and ClareBlock, Francesca Lia---UIUC
Vision QuestDavis, Terry---Doyle
Visions of the Future: magic BoardsSSt. Stephen's Community House---Doyle
Visions of the Future: magic BoardsStadtmauer, Saul---Doyle
Voice of the Night, TheKoontz, Dean R.PBK K82.2 vo--Doyle
Von Ryan's ExpressWestheimer, David---Doyle
Voodoo and Hoodoo: Their Traditional Crafts as Revealed by Actual PractitionersHaskins, Jim---LS:Religious
Voyage of the BassetChristensen, James C., Renwick St. James, and Alan Dean Foster---Doyle
Voyages to the Moon and the SunCyrano de Bergerac, SavinienPQ1793 .A424--LS:Religious
Wait Till Helen ComesHahn, Mary Downing-813 H148wt-Doyle
WaitingJin, Ha---LS:Political
Waiting for ChristopherHawes, Louise---UIUC
Walk Two MoonsCreech, Sharon-813 C913wQCUIUC
Walking Across EgyptEdgerton, Clyde---Doyle
Walter the Farting DogKotzwinkle, William, and Glenn Murray---Doyle
WanderersPrice, RichardPS3566.R544 W364 1974--Doyle
WannabeStoehr, Shelley-813 S871wa -UIUC
War Between the Pitiful Teacher and the Splendid KidsKiesel, Stanley---UIUC
War Comes to Willy FreemanCollier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier-813 C699w-Doyle
War of Jenkins' EarMorpurgo, Michael---UIUC
War Within: a Novel of the Civil WarMatas, Carol---UIUC
War YearHaldeman, Joe---Doyle
Warrior Marks: Females Genital Mutilation and the Sexual Blinding of WomenWalker, AliceGN484 .W35 1993--Doyle
Wars, TheFindley, TimothyPR9199.3.F52 W37--BCOB 11-12
Wart, Son of ToadCarter, Alden R.---UIUC
Wash Day on Noah's ArkRounds, Glen---Doyle
WatcherHowe, James---UIUC
WatchersKoontz, Dean R.PS3561.O55 W38 1987b--Doyle
Water for ElephantsGruen, SaraPBK G886 we--BCOB 10-11
Water is Wide, TheConroy, Pat--PBKDoyle
WaterlandSwift, GrahamePR6069.W47 W3 1992--BCOB 11-12, 12-13
Watsons Go to Birmingham -- 1963Curtis, Christopher Paul-813 C978wbQCDoyle
Way of Love, Way of Life : A Young Person's Introduction to What it Means to Be GayHanckel, Frances and John Cunningham---Doyle
Way West, TheGuthrie, Alfred B., Jr.PS3513.U855 W3--Doyle
Wayside School is Falling DownSachar, Louis-813 S121wf-Doyle
Wayward Bus, TheSteinbeck, JohnPS3537.T3234 W3 1957--Doyle
WeZamyatin, Yevgeny---UK
We All Fall DownCormier, Robert---LS:Social
We the People-History of the U.S.----Doyle
Weenies SeriesLubar, David---BCOB 16-17
Weeping WillowWhite, Ruth-813 W587ww -UIUC
Weetzie BatBlock, Francesca Lia-813 B651wb-UIUC
Weird on the OutsideStoehr, Shelley---UIUC
Welcome Home, JellybeanShyer, Marlene Fanta-813 S562wh 1988-Doyle
Welcome to the Monkey HouseVonnegut, KurtPS3572.O5 W4 1970--LS:Social
We'll be Here for the Rest of Our LivesShaffer, Paul---BCOB 10-11
Well of LonelinessHall, RadclyffePR6015.A33 W4--LS:Social
Wellness: Stress ManagementCottrell, Randall---Doyle
Westing GameRaskin, EllenPS3568.A74 W3813 R225wgQCUIUC
Whale TalkCrutcher, Chris-813 C957wt-LS:Social
What About Grandma?Irwin, Hadley---UIUC
What Became of HerKerr, M.E.-813 K41wb-UIUC
What Happened to Lani GarverPlum-Ucci, Carol-813 P734wh-UIUC
What Happened to Mr. Foster?Bargar, Gary W.---Doyle
What I BelieveRussell, Bertrand---Doyle
What I Know NowLarson, Rodger---Doyle
What Is a Girl? What Is a Boy?Waxman, Stephanie---Doyle
What It's All AboutKlein, Norma---Doyle
What Jamie SawComan, Carolyn-813 C811wjQCUIUC
What Joy Awaits YouCarus, Marianne---Doyle
What My Mother Doesn't KnowSones, Sonya-813 S698wm-Doyle
What Teenagers Want to Know about Sex: Questions and AnswersMasland, Robert P., Jr., and David Estridge, eds.---Doyle
What to Do If You or Someone You Know Is under 18 and PregnantRichards, Arlene K., and Irene Willis---Doyle
What You Can Do to Avoid AIDSJohnson, Earvin (Magic)---Doyle
What’s Happening to my Body? Book for Boys: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents & SonsMadaras, Lynda and Dane SaavedraRJ143.M33 1984--Doyle
What’s Happening to my Body? Book for Girls: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents & DaughtersMadaras, Lynda and Area MadarasRJ144 .M3 1983-WCDoyle
What's Eating Gilbert GrapeHedges, Peter---Doyle
What's Happening to Me? The Answers to Some of the World's Most Embarrassing QuestionsMayle, Peter---Doyle
What's the Big Secret? Talking About Sex with Girls and BoysBrown, Laurie Krasny and Marc Tolon Brown-613 B878bs-BCOB 11-12
When Heroes DieDurant, Penny Raife-813 D951wd-Doyle
When I Was a Loser: True Stories of (Barely) Surviving High School by Today's Top WritersMcNally, John, ed.---Doyle
When I Was Puerto RicanSantiago, EsmeraldaF128.9.P85 S27 1998--Doyle
When It HappensColasanti, Susane---BCOB 12-13
When Jeff Comes HomeAtkins, Catherine-813 A873wh-Doyle
When She HollersVoigt, Cynthia-813 V891wh-Doyle
When Someone You Know Is GayCohen, Susan and Daniel Cohen---Doyle
When the Legends DieBorland, HalPS3503.O563 W5--Doyle
When the Phone RangMazer, Harry-813 M476wh-UIUC
When the Sky Began to RoarBach, Alice---Doyle
When Zachary Beaver Came to TownHolt, Kimberly Willis---UIUC
Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?Oates, Joyce CarolPS3565.A8 H54 2006--Doyle
Where Did I Come From?Mayle, Peter---Doyle
Where Do Babies Come From?Sheffield, Margaret, and Sheila Bewley---Doyle
Where Has Deedie Wooster Been All These Years?Jacobs, Anita---Doyle
Where it Stops, Nobody Knows (Joyride)Ehrlich, Amy-813 E33jo-Doyle
Where the Heart IsLetts, Billie--WCDoyle
Where the Kissing Never StopsKoertge, Ron---Doyle
Where the Sidewalk EndsSilverstein, Shel-811 S587wQCDoyle
Where the Wild Things AreSendak, Maurice-028.5 S474wwQCUIUC
Where Willy WentAllan, Nicholas-028.5 A418ww-Doyle
Where’s Waldo?Hanford, Martin-028.5 H236wo-Doyle
Where'd You Get the Gun, Billy?Arrick, Fran---UIUC
Whipping BoyFleischman, Sid-813 F596wb QCUIUC
WhirligigFleischmann, Paul-813 F596wh -UIUC
Whispers from the DeadNixon, Joan Lowery-813 N736wh -Doyle
Whistle in the Graveyard: Folktales to Chill Your BonesLeach, Maria---Doyle
Whistle Me HomeWersba, Barbara-813 W498ho-Doyle
Whistler's HollowDadey, Debbie---UIUC
White HorseGrant, Cynthia D.---UIUC
White LilacsMeyer, Carolyn-813 M612w-UIUC
White MercedesPullman, Philip---UIUC
White NinjaVan Lustbader, Eric---Doyle
White RomanceHamilton, Virginia-813 H221wr-UIUC
White Swan Express, The: A Story About AdoptionOkimoto, Jean Davies, and Elaine M. Aoki028.5 O41wsBCOB 14-15
Who Is the Beast?Baker, Keith-028.5 B167wb bb-Doyle
Who Killed Mr. Chippendale?: A Mystery in PoemsGlenn, Mel-811.54 G558wk-Doyle
Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?Avi-813 A957ww -UIUC
Who Will Tell My Brother?Carvell, Marlene---UIUC
Whole Lesbian Sex BookNewman, Felice---Doyle
Whoopi Goldberg: Her Journey from Poverty to Mega-StardomParish, James Robert---Doyle
Who's in My Family?: All About Our FamiliesHarris, Robie H.028.5 H315wfBCOB 14-15
Why Are We in Vietnam?Mailer, NormanPS3525.A4152 W49 1968--LS:Political
Why Do We Gotta Do This Stuff, Mr. Nehring?Nehring, James---Doyle
Wicked Stepdog, TheBenjamin, Carol Lea---Doyle
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the WestMaguire, Gregory---Doyle
Wide is the GateSinclair, UptonPS3537.I85 W5--Doyle
Wide WindowSnicket, Lemony-813 S672ww-UIUC
Wild PalmsFaulkner, WilliamPS3511.A86 W5 1952--LS:Sexual
Wild PigeonYasin, Nurmuhemmet---UK
Will the Nurse Make Me Take My Underwear Off?Schwartz, Joel L., Aidan Macfarlane, and Ann McPherson---Doyle
Willa CatherO'Brien, SharonPS3505.A87 Z746 1987--Doyle
Willow and TwigLittle, Jean---UIUC
WiltChamberlain, Wilt---Doyle
WiltedKropp, Paul---Doyle
Windows on Our World seriesAnderson, Lee, et al.---Doyle
WinningBrancato, Robin---Doyle
Winter in the BloodWelch, James---Doyle
Winter PreySanford, John---Doyle
Wish GiverBrittain, Bill-813 B862wg-UIUC
Wish You Were HereShoup, Barbara---Doyle
WitchPike, Christopher---Doyle
Witch BabyBlock, Francesca Lia-813 B651wi -Doyle
Witch HerselfNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds---Doyle
Witch of Blackbird PondSpeare, Elizabeth George-813 S741wbQCDoyle
Witch WaterNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds---Doyle
WitchesDahl, Roald-823 D131wi-LS:Religious
WitchesRevesz, Therese Ruth---Doyle
WitchesWilson, Colin---Doyle
Witches (The Weird and Horrible Library)Garden, Nancy---Doyle
Witches and Magic-MakersHill, Douglas Arthur---Doyle
Witches and Their WitchcraftSeth, Roland---Doyle
Witches and WitchcraftKingston, Jeremy---Doyle
Witches' ChildrenClapp, Patricia C.---Doyle
Witches of Worm, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley-813 S675ww-Doyle
Witches, Pumpkins and Grinning GhostsBarth, Edna---Doyle
Witches, Witches, WitchesHoke, Helen---Doyle
Witch's Handbook, TheBird, Malcolm---Doyle
Witch's SisterNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds---Doyle
With Every Drop of BloodCollier, James Lincoln and Christopher Collier-813 C699ed-Doyle
WitnessHesse, Karen-813 H587w-UIUC
Wizard in the Tree, TheAlexander, Lloyd---Doyle
Wizard of EarthseaLeGuin, Ursula K.PBK L521 we--NCTE
Wizard of OzBaum, L.F.PS3503.A923 W59 1983813 B347wo QCUIUC
Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of MerlinSteer, Dugald-133.4 S814wiQCDoyle
Wizards, Warriors & YouAffabee, Eric---Doyle
Wolf Boys Slate, Dan---BCOB 16-17
Wolf RiderAvi---UIUC
Wolfman of Beacon Hill, TheKilgore, Kathleen---Doyle
Woman Called MosesHeidish, Marcy---Doyle
Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City-D757.9.B4 W66 2005--LS:Political
Woman in the Mists: The Story of Dian Fossey & the Mountain Gorillas of AfricaMowat, Farley---LS:Social
Woman Who Rides Like a Man, The: Song of the Lioness, Book ThreePierce, Tamara---Doyle
Woman's BodyStoppard, Miriam---Doyle
Woman's Body: An Owner's ManualDiagram Group--WCDoyle
Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and SecretsWalker, Barbara G.BL458 .W34 1983--Doyle
Woman's Guide to a Safe AbortionCorsaro, Maria and Carole Korzeniowsky---Doyle
Women in LoveLawrence, D.H.PR6023.A93 W63--LS:Sexual
Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s FantasiesFriday, Nancy--WCLS:Sexual
Women without Men: A Novel of Modern IranParsipur, Shahrnush---LS:Religious
Wonder Stories Told for ChildrenAndersen, Hans Christian---Doyle
Wonderful Story of How You Were Born, TheGruenberg, Sidonie M.---Doyle
WoodsongPaulsen, Gary-796.5 P332woQCUIUC
Words by HeartSebestyen, Ouida-813 S443wh-UIUC
Words of Conscience: Religious Statements of Conscientious ObjectorsPerry, Shawn, ed.---LS:Political
WorkingTerkel, StudsHD8072 .T4--LS:Social
Working Poor, The: Invisible in AmericaShipler, David K.HC110.P6 S48 2004BCOB 14-15
WorksLuther, MartinBR330 .E5 1943--Doyle
World HistoryEllis, Elisabeth Gaynor, and Anthony Esler--Doyle
World I Never Made, AFarrell, JamesPS3511.A738 W6--LS:Social
World of Picasso, TheWertenbaker, Lael TuckerND553.P5 W45--Doyle
World's Most Famous Ghosts, TheCohen, Daniel---Doyle
Wretched of the Earth, TheFanon, FrantzDT33 .F313 1963--Doyle
WringerSpinelli, Jerry-813 S757wrQCUIUC
Wrinkle in TimeL'Engle, Madeleine-813 L566wr-Doyle
Writer's Resource: Readings for Composition, TheDay, Susan and Elizabeth McMahan---Doyle
WritingsSavonarola, Girolamo---Doyle